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Win more customers and ace productivity in your contact center. Gear up your team with Aloware’s top-rated features made to suit your business’s changing needs.

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All your Call Center needs and more.

Experience a full-blown contact center set-up that you can use anywhere from any device. Aloware offers smart systems and solutions that work well with your awesome team.

Phone Numbers

Provision local phone numbers in the US and Canada or enroll a new toll-free number, complete with calling, texting, and MMS.

Fast Porting

Set up your business phone on Aloware with ease and enjoy fast, easy, and free porting to any type of provider.

Contact List Builder

Record lead and contact details as soon as your phone rings, and keep them organized in lists for future use.

IVRs and Call Routing

Set up your own IVR and back it up with smart routing systems that transfer calls based on skill, time, location, or preferred agent.

IVRs and Call Routing

Set up your own IVR and back it up with smart routing systems that transfer calls based on skill, time, location, or preferred agent.

Ring Groups

Advocate different teams to handle specific call concerns and arrange them systematically by ring groups.

Tags, Filters, and Notes

Initiate teamwork through customizable tags, filters, and notes to easily inform agents about contacts’ details and dispositions.

Warm and Cold Transfers

Easily direct calls to their right departments via warm or cold transfers and ease customers’ call experience.

Call Monitoring

Manage calls via call whispering, listening, and preemptive call barging to enrich the agent’s learning and experience.

Smart Call Queues

Hold calls on queue systematically with maximum wait times, queue positions, or by sending an automatic voicemail and texts for callbacks.

Spam Call Detection

Enjoy our state-of-the-art robot dialer detection system to ensure spammy calls won’t be able to waste your agent’s time.

Call Recording & Transcription

Record calls automatically as soon as you answer the phone. Easily types in recorded calls for future reference.

Experience the most powerful dialer.

Meet Aloware’s smartest sales dialer, the Power Dialer. Packed with promising features that make crushing quotas easier, this dialer functions seamlessly with your favorite CRMs too!

Power Dialer

Run your outreach with a sales dialer that doesn’t just dial the numbers for you. Make sure every dial is smartly and efficiently done.

Progressive dialing

Programs your dialer to call the contact first, then call the agents in the ring group once the contact picks up.

Preview dialing

Programs your dialer to call a ring group on the line before connecting an agent to the enrolled contact.


Completely hardware-free and can be used on any device, Power Dialer can initiate calls with just one click.

Call Campaigns

Automate call campaigns with a fast and reliable dialer that doesn’t only speeds up the process, but also eliminates bad numbers.

Local Presence

Increase connection rates anywhere in the US and Canada by adapting to every area code of the customers you’re calling.

Voicemail Drop

Stop letting leads slip away. Aloware lets you drop your voicemail so they can connect with you according to their availability.

Skip Outside Daytime

Beat the struggles of different time zones during outreach. Arrange your call list according to your contacts’ best schedule.

Call Dispositions

Automatically shows call details for your team’s convenience as soon as the customer hangs up.

Valuable engagements with SMS.

Partner up calls with a reliable texting platform your customers will love. Run text broadcasts, campaigns, and text alerts automatically and see your engagement rates skyrocket!

2-Way Texting

Send and receive text messages from Aloware and see your messaging history recorded in real-time.

Text Keywords

Type certain keywords and phrases and watch your message box offer ready-made options for speedy replies.

Text Campaigns

Send text messages at scale automatically, or as triggered by time. Be able to run broadcasts from Aloware or inside your CRM.

Picture Message

Include a catchy image, gif, or video with your text campaigns through Aloware’s MMS-supported platform.

Handle Calls By Text

Handle long queues and wait times via text alerts asking for callbacks. Improve customer service by backing up calls with texts.

Message Templates

Easily send messages by setting up ready-made templates with personalization for responsive and fast communication.

Time to bring your team to the cloud

Live agent monitoring, ready-made reports, call barge and whisper features – these are just some of the things managers love from us. Request a free trial and test it all with your team today!

Seamlessly integrated for your convenience.

Get Aloware’s most valuable features to work inside your favorite CRMs. Experience hassle-free integrations with major CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more.

CRM Integration

Avoid time-consuming tab-switching. Call, text, automate, and run campaigns inside your preferred and existing CRMs

2-Way Live Syncing

Real-time automatic data syncing that record calls, text messages, contact lists, and all important activities as they happen.

Click-to-Call from CRM

Initiate Aloware’s sales dialer and start dialing contacts in one click, right inside your CRM platform.

Email Capture

Trigger your system to send emails or log a contact’s email details as soon as they fill up web and ad forms

Move tasks on autopilot.

Power up campaigns with customizable automation options. Put efficiency and productivity at work with your business system and operations.


Automate call and text sequences for your outreach made better with Sequences+. Set up workflows triggered by time schedules.

Auto Text Broadcast

Connect with customers at scale through text messages. Automate engagements with SMS/MMS and boost customer satisfaction.

Business Hours

Set up business hours and automate your dialers, calls, texts, and activities in coordination with your agent’s availability.

Form Connect

Instantly capture leads and lead details from form fill-ups and automatically log them straight to your contact list.

Text-to-speech IVR

Automatically create your records IVR by typing your message and letting the system generate high-quality voice audio for your use.

Auto Responders

Be there for your customers 24/7 and immediately respond to calls with automatic IVRs, or text messages with automated replies.

Time Triggers

Set up automated calls, texts, and activities through step-by-step workflow and trigger automation based on time schedules.


Be more productive by automatically routing and assigning customer calls to different departments within Aloware.

Success backed up with data.

Track every call, text, agent availability, and all activities as they happen. Keep operations on the right path of business growth with reliable data recorded automatically, and reported ingeniously.

Real-Time Dashboards

Know what’s happening as soon as you open your Aloware account with live dashboards customizable for all users.

Customizable Reports

Generate accurate reports that are highly customizable to your business needs

Automatic Data Recording

Record all calls, messages, contact information, and agent activities automatically, and control which users can have access to them.

Agent Wallboard

See your agents’ stats, availability, and activities in real-time. Manage your team with a detailed view of what they’re working on.

Email Export

Secure your generated reports and export them directly from your email. Keep your reports secure and private.

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