Contact center software support, sales and marketing teams

All-in-one engagement solution for smart business.

Aloware comes with all the tools your business needs to succeed when it comes to customer engagement. Whether you need a contact center, sales dialers, or call tracking, Aloware has it all in one intuitive place.

Cloud Contact Center (Phone and SMS)

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For Support Departments

Reduce wait times and focus on customer satisfaction with our multi-channel contact center.

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For Sales Floors

Make more calls and crush quotas by using our automatic power dialer, designed to save you time.

See The Outbound Call Center >

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For Marketing Teams

Our integrated call tracking solution helps you measure ad spend ROI & agent performance KPIs.

Discover Lead Outreach Automation >

Enterprise features at an affordable price

Power Dialer

Enable your sales reps to spend time building relationships, not hearing beeps or leaving voicemails.

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SMS Messenger

Easily send and receive SMS and picture messages on business lines from one single dashboard. 

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Record, Greet & Whisper

Welcome your callers to your business and learn about their questions by recording all calls.

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CRM two-way Sync

Every call and SMS is logged under that contact record, and all notes and tags are synced to your own CRM like magic.

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Real-time Analytics

We visualize call center KPIs so you can quickly manage your call volume and minimize customer wait time.

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IVRs: Record & Greet

Welcome your callers to your business with greetings and learn about their questions by recording all calls.

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Call Routing & ACD

Easily define tiered, cascading ring groups with priorities, quotas, schedules, and even skill-based routing calls and texts. Round robin and simul dial too!

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Queue Callbacks

No one likes waiting on a call queue. Give options to your callers to request a callback or to have their issue handled by text instead of calling.

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Speed To Contact

Automatically send a. text or make call to your leads when they submit forms or click on an ad. Engage with your leads in a personalized way right on the spot.

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5-star reviews on G2Crowd!

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Smart businesses know that customer experience drives success.

Call Center Software

Get a fully customizable, turnkey call center. All you need is a headset and a web browser. Forget about the days of investing in hardware and consultants. Sign up for Aloware and start talking and texting in 5 minutes or less.

Browser-based softphone

No hardware needed

Team members anywhere

Sync with your CRM

Offer callbacks & queues

Real-time reporting

all inclusive contact center

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Aloware was very attentive to the needs of our firm. Always available to answer questions and guide us through the implementation of our campaigns. Pricing is very fair considering the quality of service we receive. I would recommend this to property managers of the real estate industry.

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Owen F.
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Business SMS Messaging

Email is becoming a thing of the past, and cold calling is dead. Send and receive text messages from your business line. Deliver your message to a device that is always on your customer: their cell phone.

Text-enabled business phone line

Picture messaging supported

Shared SMS inbox for teams

Easy SMS broadcast

Post call survey & follow-up

Keyword detection

Lets get texting

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Act fast, you will save $! Our company could have saved a lot of money by finding this service a year ago :) Best feature: Ability to provide our Buyers logins to track calls delivered to them. Sophisticated routing solutions to Buyers and it solved many reporting and lost call revenue.

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Mike M.
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Integrated Call Tracking

Track your calls to discover which of your ads and marketing campaigns are bringing in the most money. Pinpointing your call source has never been easier.

Assign unique numbers to ads

Instant number provisioning

Form submission tracking

Live call reports

Record all calls

Skill-based routing

Monetize your calls

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The ability to have so many different phone numbers all coming into one centralized location is fascinating! It makes my job so convenient and allows me to successfully run our operation. Aloware is essential to our business. The support team is very responsive. Very happy we chose this service.

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Evan G.
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Lead Outreach Automation

Cold calls go to voicemail more often than not, but text messages are opened immediately. Utilize our workflow automation to engage your leads in real-time. Send personalized messages that allow your sales team to build relationships with your customers.

Form2CallTM conversations

Send SMS on form submit

Trigger calls on link clicks

Revive cold lead lists

SMS on email open

Automatic lead pre-qualification

engage your leads

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I can track all my leads at one dashboard. Setting up of the system is very easy and it has lots of features to manage leads. The dashboard is very clear and interactive. It has benefited us by getting all leads in one dashboard to monitor our advertising budget and pinpointing our strong campaigns.

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Rattan B.
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