Aloware vs Aircall

Aloware is the best Aircall alternative.

Make & receive calls right in HubSpot. Text your customers. Instantly sync contacts and pop-up records when they call in. Triple sales calls with our Power Dialer made for HubSpot. Free to try for 7 days.

HubSpot Phone System & Call Center Integration

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Instant Sync with HubSpot

Log every call, text message and voicemail of contact with your customer in HubSpot’s activity feed instantly. We also pop-up HubSpot records when clients call in!

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Advanced Sales Dialer

Make more calls and increase your sales by using our automatic power dialer, which feeds from HubSpot, designed to save you time.

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Text Messaging

Reach out to your leads with two-way text messaging or put your brand forward with SMS marketing. We bring the power of text messaging to HubSpot.

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Reasons why you should go with Aloware

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Dialer Inside HubSpot

Thanks to our technology, and partnership with HubSpot, Aloware is the first provider to offer a fully functioning inbound/outbound dialer within the HubSpot. No Chrome extensions or desktop apps downloads needed. Native calling!

Mobile Apps

Aloware mobile app lets you take your business phone on the go, delivering messages, calls, and voicemails wherever you are. We also support cellphone roll-over! Available for Android, iPhone and even Windows desktop.

Power Dialer

Connect with 5x more prospects with our Power Dialer, featuring local presence, built-in text messaging, HubSpot outcome feed and voicemail drop. Focus on building relationships and closing sales, not dialing phone numbers!

Log Everything in HubSpot

All call activities, like calls, text messages, pictures in MMS and call recordings, are automatically logged on the right contact in HubSpot. Aloware will create a new contact if someone calls you or texts you for the first time.

Setup in 3 minutes

With no phone hardware required, no app installs, and no contracts, Aloware is the easiest and the most cost-effective phone integration for HubSpot. Our unlimited plans give you the freedom you need to succeed.

Local Presence

Triple your answered calls by using our AI-powered Local Presence caller ID switcher. We automatically match your caller ID to your lead's area code, guaranteed to triple your answer rates. Also available for SMS marketing.

Voicemail Drop

Getting the voicemail prompt? Simply hit a button and Aloware dialer will leave your pre-recorded voicemail for you. Save valuable time and customize your voicemails with ease. Plus, if you need RVM, we've got you covered.

Call Barging, Whisper, and Monitor

Listen to your agents' calls live, and coach them if necessary. With the press of a button, you can barge into a call, take it over, or guide your reps. All metrics are displayed live on your dashboard and emailed nightly.

Phone integration, 2-way SMS, Power Dialer – all in one intuitive place.

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Power Dialer, FormConnectTM, and marketing automation

Sales and marketing at the core of our DNA! We’ve built our software to help you connect with your leads faster and drive more sales.

Predictive Sales Dailer

PowerDialer for list of leads

SMS drip campaigns

Bulk SMS text marketing

Trigger calls from Forms

Turn forms into SMS

Call leads in less than 1 sec

Ring multiple agents at any time

engage your leads

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