Aloware 7.12: SMS Templates, Wait Music, Auto Responders

August 22, 2019 in Blog

Aloware 7.12: SMS Templates, Wait Music, Auto Responders

Another update from your favorite Contact Center team 🙂 

This week, we released a few features requested by our customers. All these features are now generally available. See below for more. 

– SMS Templates: You can define templates for messages (Contacts > Messages) and your agents can use them to send canned responses. 

– Customized wait music: Although everyone here loves the piano music on wait, we understand sometimes you need a change. Head to Ring Groups > Queues to put your own wait music. 

– Auto Respondent on Business Closed Hours: If somebody calls (or texts) during business closure, you can play a customized prompt or send them an automatic response. Go to Line > IVR to set this up. 

Now, here is a question for you: We know that our integrations are probably the most used feature on Aloware. If you could choose one single software to integrate with Aloware, what would it be? And why? Let us know by replying to this email. 

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