Aloware v7.34 (and news about the app)

September 23, 2019 in Blog

Aloware v7.34 (and news about the app)

We just released an update that brings more awesome functionality to Aloware. 

  • Scripts: Each line can have one or many Scripts defined, so when your reps answer the phone, they can read the script pre-populated with contact data. Just like a traditional call center. 
  • The IVR sports a new “Employee Directory” option, that reads extensions and names. 
  • Agent Voicemails: Agents can set their own custom voicemail recordings in their profile. Note that some accounts must be manually upgraded by our Support team to use this functionality. 
  • Workflows: The documentation has been greatly improved. 
  • Workflow mapper: When you go into a Contact, you can see what workflow they are enrolled in. Note that a lead can be in one workflow at a time. 

Now – the app! Our iOS app is officially released, you can find it on app store. We also updated our Chrome Extension with much better phone number detection, tab management, and click to call abilities. Give it a try here: Chrome Extension

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