Aloware v9.0 – Easier user management, Hubspot & Pipedrive user sync

November 3, 2019 in Blog

Aloware v9.0 – Easier user management, Hubspot & Pipedrive user sync

Our release on 11/02 went well and we did not expect any downtime. Yay!

This released fused the concepts of destination numbers and users together. Previously, you had to manage your users in two separate places. Now it’s all in one.

We also gave some more love to the user’s settings. All the user settings (from authentication to hours to concurrency) are organized in an easy to use way on the users tab.

All current users, agents, reps, end clients, destinations have been retrofitted and are operating normally.

Along with this release, we have improved our Hubspot and Pipedrive integration. When you go to the integrations page, you’d see:

  • A new “sync users” button. This button connects your Hubspot users to Aloware users, so their actions on Hubspot / Pipedrive reflect on Aloware (and vice versa). Hence, when you change a contact owner in Hubspot / Pipedrive, it populates Aloware automatically (and vice versa).
  • A new “sync statuses” button. This button syncs your Hubspot / Pipedrive Lead Status or Contact Stages to Aloware as Call Dispositions. From this moment onwards, when you change the contact disposition in Aloware, it updates Hubspot and Pipedrive and can hypothetically trigger workflows or automations on that side.

This has been an amazing project for us. We will continue monitoring the application to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Do feel free to contact our support if you have any questions!

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