Aloware v9.0 *Pre* Release Announcement – Critical News!

November 3, 2019 in Blog

Aloware v9.0 *Pre* Release Announcement – Critical News!

This weekend, we will be unleashing our biggest release yet. We’ve been working hard to simplify the platform for our clients by streamlining the process of onboarding agents and reps. 

As we mentioned before, in this release we will be retiring the destination number concept from Aloware. Aloware is focusing on Agents and Reps as the main users of the platform. During this process, we will automatically convert all your individual destination numbers to users.

Along with this release, we are enabling our Hubspot and Pipedrive bi-directional sync for all users. With this feature, all your contact owners and statuses will sync between Aloware and your CRM: Hubspot and Pipedrive. 

The release will start around 6 PM PST on Sat 11/02 and continue until midnight. We do not expect any downtime resulting from this release. However, all users will be logged out at some point during the release and they can immediately log back in. 

I’ll provide more updates as soon as the release is complete. 

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