Aloware v9.20 – Agent status reports, Contact tags, Appointments & Reminders, and a much better Powerdialer

January 16, 2020 in Blog

Aloware v9.20 – Agent status reports, Contact tags, Appointments & Reminders, and a much better Powerdialer

Happy new year, everyone! We took the slow time between the holidays to work on some exciting features on Aloware.

Agent Status Reports

We are now providing a (simple) report on Agent attendance. Navigate to Reports > Users to see the agent availability reports.


You may have noticed that we added a new Appointment tool to Aloware. You can mark an appointment for your contacts. The appointment will sync to HubSpot and Pipedrive as a Meeting, and you can even select some company admins to get a calendar invite. The tool does NOT send an invite to the customer (yet).


Now you can set a task for yourself to reach out to a customer later. Reminders (like appointments) send you a notification over email and in-app for your task 1 day, 1 hour, and 15 minutes prior to the event.

Contact Tags

We have separated out Contact tags from Call tags to help you organize your data better. We are actively working in this area to make it easier to use.

An Improved PowerDialer

Based on the feedback we have received, we’ve greatly improved our PowerDialer. It now plays the “beeps”, moves between calls smoothly and is 40% faster than before.

Line Observers

For users who only want notifications but not answering calls or messages, we’ve added a new option to “observe” a line. You can choose to receive notifications for calls, voicemails, and SMS even though you might not be part of that line.

Other important Changes

  • IVR Options: A new option on the IVR determines what should happen if someone presses nothing.
  • Shortcuts on Contact screen: We’ve created a new line of shortcuts on Contact screen (appointments, reminders, PowerDialer)
  • The Next button: You can now navigate a list from within the Contact screen.
  • Cleaner dashboard: We moved some items around to open up space.

And some exciting news:

Next week, we are releasing a major update, Aloware v10.0.0 that features a re-written telephony engine. We are making features like call barging, whispering, take-over available to everyone, and we have completely revamped how transfers and 3-way calls are handled.

Thank you everyone (Matthew, Dax, Randy, Cameron, Kirsty, Brandon, Paul and others) for your valuable feedback. As always, we would love to hear from our customers, so if there is something we can do better, just let us know!

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