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What we are doing amid COVID-19 outbreak – free phone system for home-based teams

Camille Padua

With what’s going on in the world today, many of us as business owners are thinking the same thing: what will my employees do if they can’t get to work. How will my customers feel when they call and phone rings in an empty office, and how do I keep my team, clients, and business together when everyone has to suddenly work from home?

For the life of Aloware, we’ve been big believers in a global and remote workforce interlinked via technology. We believe that your business phone calls should not rely on any hardware, and should come with you wherever you or your employees go. And in this turmoil, we believe connecting consumers and businesses is more important than ever.

Therefore, in partnership with our friends at JustPressOne, we are offering the Aloware cloud-based phone system now free of all setup fees, contracts and the like. We are here to help our fellow business owners and their employees prepare for the unknown and keep their families and businesses together in these unnerving times.

So if you have to adapt to a home-based environment rapidly, Aloware is your new, temporary phone solution. And this is how it works: set it up in minutes, forward your main lines to us, and your staff can now answer your calls with just a web browser and a headset from the safety of their own home.

We at Aloware & JustPressOne believe that the people we work with are our family and there’s nothing worse then when something threatens the health and safety of our loved ones. If you think using the Aloware platform can help you and your business in these uncertain times, please reply to this email and we will get you going in no time during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Written by Camille Padua

Operations manager at Aloware, ensuring that remote work works for our fast-growing team in the world of tech