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How Aloware and HubSpot can enable your sales team to convert more sales

October 15, 2021

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

How Aloware and HubSpot can enable your sales team to convert more sales

A good sales enablement strategy should be able to equip your sales team with the right tools and processes to bring in more customers. Your sales enablement efforts should empower your sales team to improve their skills in interacting with customers. In addition, it should also provide quality and consistent messaging that communicates your brand better to your customers.

The need for sales enablement tools and the demand for better strategies keep the relationship between Aloware and HubSpot all the more ideal for businesses. 

Aloware, with its cloud contact center solutions, works together with one of the biggest players in the CRM space, HubSpot. Integrating HubSpot with Aloware allows your sales team to connect with contacts through the fastest channels: calling and texting. 

Here’s how Aloware and HubSpot help enable your team to convert sales faster:


1 – A more targeted messaging based on analytics

Before starting your sales enablement strategies, it would be best to familiarize yourself first with the behavior of your customers. This will help you identify where to focus your future sales campaigns. One way to do this is to track their engagements with your business and see how you can identify their needs, their purchasing behaviors, and how your sales teams handle and engage with them.

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Enjoy the convenience of tracking contact data across two platforms with Aloware and Hubspot’s 2-way sync functionality. Aloware’s real-time analytics tool provides you data on client-to-agent phone interactions happening within the organization. With rich contact information you can sync between these platforms, you’ll have access to useful data that can help you build your campaign strategies.


2 – Centralized systems and workflows for sales and marketing

Your sales and marketing team should work hand-in-hand in building processes, tools, and content for sales enablement. In addition, they should also use tools that promote a collaborative environment between their processes. Workflows should be centralized to establish better understanding, learning, and collaboration between two departments.

data sync


Aloware and HubSpot integrate seamlessly, allowing you to work in complete sync with both platforms.  This native integration lets you create calling and texting automations with real-time logging and syncing. You can use Aloware’s dialer from your HubSpot account, and connect different channels when building automation sequences. This helps you manage your data as one, centralizing workflows and processes to work more efficiently.


3 –  Automated lead nurturing and cadence using smart sequences

Lead generation marks the very first step of engagement with your customers, and first impressions are very important for sales. Though it’s not always a guarantee you’ll succeed on the first try, you can always establish great relationships by keeping follow-ups consistent through your sales cadence.

hubspot automation


Building your sales cadences is crucial for your team’s productivity. This is why by using Aloware and HubSpot’s automation tools, you’ll be pushing more customers down your funnel faster and without too much effort. You can also put your cadences and other channels at work by building smart automation sequences from HubSpot, with seamlessly integrated Aloware tools and features you can use. For example, you can extend your HubSpot Workflows to automate Aloware tasks such as sending business text messages to contacts or enrolling a contact to a sequence.  


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4 – Pushing relevant content to boost purchase decisions

You will need a good content strategy when it comes to sales enablement. As you learn about your buyer’s pain points, it’s easier to supply useful content that will engage them and help in decision-making. Sales teams can be more successful when they can provide leads and prospects with the right materials at the right time.

Content can range from blog articles to ebooks to white papers, to sales scripts. Aside from crafting content, it would be best to determine the most ideal time to apply them to your cadences and client calls.

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Effective use of content also boils down to choosing the right channels to disseminate them. Good thing Aloware and HubSpot offer unlimited omnichannel capabilities, giving you more chances to distribute your content. Make use of Aloware and HubSpot’s automation sequences that will let you tap all channels that meet your targets’ preferences, like email, SMS, or voicemails. Other integrations also help when it comes to content dissemination. We made sure that Aloware can also be integrated with other apps through Zapier.


5 – Promoting new features and product updates

Updating customers about your newest product features is a type of content strategy with a different target audience. Pushing notifications on product updates to existing product users, free trial users, and also people who ended their subscriptions is the best way to present this. However, how these updates are presented must also be put in context.


aloware update


With HubSpot and Aloware, you’ll have more ways to present these updates to your customers. Start automating product update emails to existing customers using HubSpot automated workflows. You can expand your target market by presenting new product features to free trial users through automated SMS alerts you can run inside Aloware.


For sales, nothing beats a reliable set of solutions that help keep your team fully equipped with the things they need. There should be enough tools and good processes that would help them perform their best to win more customers.

You can be sure that with Aloware and HubSpot, enabling your sales team with smart sales tools is made more efficient and surprisingly easy. Learn more about it by scheduling a demo with one of our representatives today!