Our new site is up! And we have a brand new offering

December 18, 2018 in Blog

Our new site is up! And we have a brand new offering

New Year, New Direction

Right around New Year’s Eve, my team and I were discussing our journey. As we’ve substantially grown and shifted from Call Tracking to an End to End Communication solution, we felt its time to tell the world about it.

When we started Aloware in 2017, we just wanted a better Call Attribution system for businesses that drive most of their revenue from inbound phone calls. Month over month, we got requests from our customers to add cloud telephony features, business SMS, advanced routing and the like.

Our customers hated their phones. There is nothing new about that: the wired plastic box on everyone’s desk has always been hated. Our customers wanted something more – a modern Contact Center and a modern Customer Service experience. And they came back to us: knowing that we’ve been forever building advanced telephony apps. They encouraged us to take the extra step and offer it an all in one solution that starts with tracking and ends with perfect call disposition.

Contact Center that is modern, flexible, mobile and available everywhere. They needed to spin up a backup call center half a world apart in no time; They wanted to gain more visibility into what their customers are saying in real time. They asked for live reports, agent call barging, business SMS, and automated follow ups. And we listened.

It’s good to have visionary customers.

And so we did. We shifted Aloware from traditional call tracking to an enterprise-grade end to end business telephony solution. We handle everything from tracking calls from ads, routing to agent groups by skill, sending and receiving text messages on the same business phone lines. We polished out vision too: Software to empower businesses to efficiently and elegantly deliver personalized customer service experience to their prospects.

It’s a new year and a new beginning for us. With that, we launched our new website, rebranded our offering, and continue to serve our growing client base. I want to thank all our customers for helping us enter the Contact Center market, and I am pretty excited about this opportunity.

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