Put your message where it’s read: SMS inbox

February 16, 2019 in Blog

Put your message where it’s read: SMS inbox

So you’ve had all those people call in already. Great job! Now you are running a promotion, and you want to let ALL your prospects know. Aloware makes bulk messaging easy, compliant and affordable. We handle all the STOP requests, check against DNC lists, and deliver with optimized routing technology to make sure your customers can hear you loud and clear.

Traditional outbound marketing always had three components: Email, Cold Calls, and Snail Mail. Yet, they all have been in decline. A study shows that only 20% of promotional emails are even opened, and less than 14% of cold calls were actually answered by the prospect let alone the cost and effort it takes to make them. There is a new player in the space: Mass Messaging.

Research shows that consumers respond to their texts within 3 minutes of receiving, and nearly 97% of messages delivered are read by the recipient. 

Consumer Affairs Research

Our bulk SMS tool not only helps you send out blasts at a glance, but also keeps track of all your communication, and routes return calls right to your office line or call center. Best of all – when people reply (and they do!) we manage the replies in a private inbox on the cloud, so your business associates can get to it.

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