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Simple Yet Effective Tactics To Turn Your Real Estate Agency Website Into a Lead-Generating Channel

September 7, 2022

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Your Real Estate Agency Website Could Be a Lead Generation Powerhouse

You probably have a real estate agency website, but is it serving you as well as it could be? 

Your website is one of the strongest tools available for getting new leads. Lead generation involves gaining the interest of prospective buyers, capturing some of their personal information, and eventually converting them into leads. 

For some perspective on just how important leads can be, consider that sales are 50% higher for companies that nurture leads. If your website isn’t designed with lead generation in mind, you may be losing more potential clients than you’re gaining. 

Turn Your Real Estate Agency Website Into a Lead Generation Machine: 5 Tactics To Know

Optimizing your website for lead generation isn’t as complicated as you might think. In fact, these five steps can increase your ability to capture quality leads with minimal effort. 

  1. Attract Sellers and Buyers With Good UX and Design

With good design and user experience (UX), your site should be appealing and easy to navigate. If it’s not, a visitor to your site will likely click out of it fast. When it comes to lead generation, thoughtful design and strategic UX is crucial.

When people visit a website for the first time, they tend to make judgments quickly. Even slow load times can deter visitors from sticking around to see what you have to offer. In fact, 89% of online customers will turn to a competitor after experiencing poor UX, and 75% will look at a website’s overall design to base their judgments on its credibility.

This doesn’t mean that your design needs to be overly elaborate and complex. On the contrary, it’s best to keep things simple and clear, make good use of whitespace to emphasize key points and highlight important buttons, and use specific messaging that reflects the voice of your brand. 

  2. Place Your CTAs So They’re Easily Visible

A well-placed call to action (CTA) can help convert visitors into leads. CTAs prompt readers to take the first or next step to initiate further interaction with your company, such as booking a consultation. 

In many situations, particularly when making a major financial decision like purchasing a home, people experience “analysis paralysis.” In fear of making the wrong decision or missing out on a better opportunity, they don’t act at all. 

Good CTAs can help alleviate this fear by helping gently push the reader to make a decision. As a result, you’ll get more quality leads and, ultimately, increased sales. 

What makes a CTA effective? 

  • Placing it in a prime location on the page
  • Using clear action verbs like “join,” “read,” “watch,” “download,” or “book”
  • Including numbers like pricing or discount information
  • Incentivizing with power words, such as “free” or “instant”
  • Personalizing it

By incorporating these strategies in your CTAs, you will convert far more visitors into leads. For example, personalized CTAs have conversion rates that are 42% higher than those that aren’t personalized.

  3. Offer Great Value With Enticing Real Estate Offers or Content

The journey from turning a site visitor into a client can be a long one, but that doesn’t mean that your website has nothing to offer in the meantime. You can generate interest by including an enticing offer or compelling content.

Informative blogs, free real estate guides, and high-quality videos are excellent ways of providing content that will keep visitors coming back to your site. When providing an irresistible offer, like a free home valuation or downloadable webinar, make sure that your offer is clear, valuable, customized to your audience, and elicits a sense of urgency.

  4. Always Follow Up With Your Buyers and Sellers: Use a Sales Funnel To Nurture Your Leads

In a perfect world, someone would visit your website and immediately become a new client. In most cases, however, it takes months or even years to reach that point. Instead of looking for immediate gratification, focus on the sales funnel. This outlines the customer’s journey, from prospect to lead to customer. 

Nurturing leads requires a steady stream of useful connections with the prospect. In email drip campaigns, for example, you will send a limited number of automatic emails to your audience. 

In an email or text campaign of this kind, make sure that the messages you’re sending are customized to each person’s particular place in the sales funnel and that you’re offering valuable information. Don’t be overly aggressive or move in for a sale too quickly.  

If the idea of successfully moving prospects through the sales funnel seems intimidating, Aloware is a great solution to automate the process and maximize your lead generation and conversion.

  5. Leverage Social Proof on Your Real Estate Website

Build credibility and authority by showing new prospects your successes. You can accomplish this through social proof, which operates on the idea that people will emulate the behaviors of others. 

Social proof can include testimonials from previous or current clients, a ticker of the number of deals you have closed, or reviews and endorsements from important voices in real estate.

Get Inspired: Examples of Great Real Estate Websites

Take a look at how these excellent real estate websites have implemented the above strategies:

  • The Engel Group greets you with beautiful images, an immediately accessible search feature, client testimonials, and clearly posted contact information. 
  • The Jills Zeder Group website is a great example of using social proof, beautiful design, and an effective CTA on the landing page. 
  • Houlihan Lawrence has a clean, simple website with clear language and easy navigation. 

Don’t feel compelled to copy these or any other sites. Although your site should include these lead generation tactics, they should also be specific to your brand and audience. 

Could Your Realty Website Be Better Optimized for Lead Generation?

If reviewing any of these strategies makes you feel like your website may be lacking, don’t despair! You don’t have to make all of the changes at once. Instead, take one step at a time and know that each one is bringing in more leads — and thus more sales — to your business.

If you need an extra hand, Aloware is available to streamline and simplify your lead process. Book a demo to get started today.

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