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Here Are Tips To Capture Real Estate Leads

August 31, 2022

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

Let’s Make Capturing Real Estate Leads Easier

If you think of your real estate business as a garden, then the deals you close are the fruits of your labor. You can’t grow them without first planting a lot of seeds. In this business, those seeds are known as real estate leads, and they are at the core of any successful realtor’s strategy. 

Leads are people or organizations who demonstrate an interest in what you have to offer. Generating leads, which essentially means capturing information from interested potential clients, is a task that is sometimes neglected. 

Your online presence is ideal territory for lead generation, as 97% of consumers research homes online. If you’re struggling to find strong leads, there are some strategies that can simplify the process and boost the success of your business. 

Awesome Tips To Capture More Real Estate Leads & Boost Your Sales

There are many ways to go about generating leads, but some are more effective than others. To return to the garden analogy, if you randomly throw out some seeds, you may get a few plants. However, if you sowed, watered, and cared for them properly, you would see far more fruit.  

Quality leads are much the same. If you take the time to carefully identify, approach, and convert prospects, you will have a longer list of clients in the end. 

Niche Down: Customize Your Realty Offers & Messaging to the Right Audience

Niching down, or targeting a specific group of people, can lead to better financial returns and client expansion. 

When you select your niche, you should consider:

  • your personal interests
  • any of your other skills or certifications, such as training in home design
  • the networks you have already established
  • the demographics of your local area

Once you have analyzed these categories, you may decide to focus on a niche that is location-, audience-, or income-based. Regardless of your approach, the benefit of niching is that you make yourself indispensable to clients in an area in which you are an expert. 

Go To the Right Places & Use the Right Communication Channels

To find the best leads, you need to meet them where they are, not in the place you find most comfortable. It’s important to recognize that people use specific platforms to complete different tasks. For example, they might search for answers and solutions on Google, engage with friends and family on Facebook, and follow their favorite businesses on Twitter. 

As you track down these leads through different platforms, you will need to combine them into omnichannel communication. Aloware, which can be integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM), is the perfect tool for gathering all your leads, enhancing your communication, and pursuing every prospect. 

Create A Valuable Lead Magnet: Solve a Specific Problem for Your Buyers & Sellers

A lead magnet is a free product or service that is given in exchange for basic contact information. The best lead magnets offer something of value, like buyer and seller guides, free home evaluations, and live webinars. 

If you see that people on social media have a lot of questions about a particular aspect of the real estate business, you can create a video with guidance and offer it for free in exchange for their email address, which you can then use to maintain contact and nurture the lead. 

Once you have been given someone’s contact information, treat it respectfully. Filling a prospective lead’s inbox with useless spam will be alienating rather than engaging. If you instead create valuable magnets, you will seem more credible and trustworthy than your competitors.

As a whole, magnets are an incredibly effective way of converting potential clients into leads, with 50% of marketers achieving higher conversion rates when they use lead magnets. 

Leverage Social Media: Build Relationships With Potential Real Estate Clients

Social media is generally seen as the most important tool for lead generation and for good reason. It is widely used, incorporates interesting content in different formats, and is easily navigated based on areas of interest and location. 

As with lead magnets, it’s crucial that you use social media effectively. Be aware that social media is likely to be a potential client’s first encounter with your business, as 55% of people learn about new brands on social media. How they perceive you in this first moment will determine whether you can build a relationship and work toward lead conversion.

Additionally, 78% of consumers have said that they are more attracted to purchasing from a company with which they have had a good online experience. 

Search for Local Real Estate Groups & Posts To Answer People’s Questions

While you’re perusing social media, you should also seek out groups that focus on real estate, especially in your niche. After all, one of the most common uses of these platforms is seeking answers to questions and recommendations. Fortunately, you are in a great position to provide answers and suggestions. 

Once you have found a group, join and demonstrate your expertise by contributing and offering insights. You may also want to take it a step further and post questions of your own, which shows that you’re invested in the community and eager to learn more. 

These small interactions can make a significant difference in your business. In fact, 80% of consumers say they trust a brand more if they have an active and positive social media presence. 

Keep in mind, however, that overly aggressive marketing and forcing a promotion for your brand into every post is likely to turn people away rather than attract them to learn more.

Don’t Let A Lack of Real Estate Leads Hold Your Business Back

No matter how successful your real estate business may currently be, capturing more high-quality leads is guaranteed to boost your profits, the size of your network, and awareness of your brand. 

To make the process even easier, check out a demo from Aloware to see its full capability in connecting you with leads, generating automatic responses, and tracking your success so that your business can grow to previously unimaginable heights. 

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