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The secret sauce: Syncing your CRM and contact center for better sales

December 26, 2020

Aloware is a contact center software built to supercharge sales and support operations with unlimited calling, texting, and automation tools that can be integrated with everyone’s favorite CRM.

Not all CRMs are created equal. Businesses should look for the right CRM tool that fits their sales processes. In a recent study conducted by Aberdeen Research, it showed companies that use CRMs have better customer retention and are seen to be hitting their quotas better. There’s no denying that CRM helps sales teams. But to make better sales from it, you have to know how to completely utilize it with your contact center.

However, with all these CRMs in place, how do you leverage your sales tactics? What are the chances of effectively reaching out to your CRM contacts at scale?  Here’s how this amazing integration can help with that.


Sales power duo: HubSpot CRM and Aloware’s phone solutions

If you’re a HubSpot user, there’s no doubt you’ve come to understand the benefits a good CRM can give you. HubSpot’s smartly structured system makes any manual task superfluous. Its advanced and efficient platform powers up small to big businesses with a system so good, you’ll be surprised to know it’s free.

A great CRM like HubSpot deserves an equally great contact center tool. Aloware helps HubSpot connect salespeople to customers using the most advanced contact center solutions that you can use directly within HubSpot’s smart platform.


More you can do with HubSpot + Aloware

HubSpot sales teams can benefit a lot from Aloware. We’ve made Aloware’s compatibility with HubSpot so good that you can use them as one. Yes, you don’t need to change tabs, update data, and all that manual stuff. With Aloware, you can start focusing on building better relationships with every customer on your CRM list.


1- Data syncing is 2-way

We understand the frustration of manually logging every call and data. HubSpot and Aloware maybe two platforms but this amazing integration lets you work on them as one. Every call, text, activity, and contact data are synced and updated on both platforms. 



Use your CRM data for numerous sales campaigns, or see if you’re meeting your sales goals. Either way, you don’t need to worry about the accuracy of your data as everything is instantly recorded and logged in real-time. 


2 – Managing different channels in one place

Customers are everywhere and it’s not enough to use one communication channel to effectively reach your market. Targeting demographics, interests, locations, and behaviors may get customers to seal the deal, but also it depends if you know how to engage with them through the channel of their choice.


Our HubSpot Phone integration lets you use the most preferred communication channels by customers: call and text. HubSpot workflows let you enroll your CRM data into Aloware’s call or text sequences. With one click, you can start firing up call and text campaigns and keep them running while you focus on other tasks of the day.


3 – Automation for large-scale outbound

Outbound is so much better with Aloware and HubSpot combined. We give you more options to start calling more customers from HubSpot with workflows. Simply enroll your data into Aloware’s power dialer sequence and begin automating your call follow-ups and voicemails.


We believe that outbound isn’t always about calls. Power up your SMS sales campaigns and start sending messages at scale. HubSpot Workflows allows you to enroll your CRM data and set up triggers you can use for sending customized SMS or MMS. Yes, with Aloware, you can also send photos with your messages.


4 – All the dialers you need

As much as contact centers are concerned, your sales quotas rely heavily on the effectiveness and compatibility of dialers with your sales teams. With Aloware, you don’t need to worry about that. You can use our dialers in ways most suitable for you. Best of all, you can use them straight from your HubSpot account.

Aloware gives you three ways to use its dialer from HubSpot. You can simply click on the dialer integration button which rings up contact at once. You can also use our CTI or chrome extension from HubSpot, or if you have a bigger list, use HubSpot workflows to run your calls with Aloware’s power dialer. It’s equipped with an automated voicemail drop that lets you skip bad calls, so you can score more high-value customers.


5 – Cloud-based systems and remote solutions

Demand for remote working options will continue to rise, with the improvement of communication channels and technology available, and the changing work environments. Sales teams must be able to keep up with this and to be able to do that, you would need a steady system that can accommodate the demands of remote work.

It’s time to free up your team from the chorded company phone. Opt for a phone system that can be used anywhere at any place.  Cloud-based software and systems should be your go-to during these changing times. HubSpot and Aloware both support this, giving you a competitive advantage of a CRM and contact center that you can use on-the-go.


6 – Connected inbound and outbound efforts

This sums up your HubSpot and Aloware experience like never before. Inbound and outbound might be two faces of the same coin, but getting them to work together seems like the most sensible thing that you can do with your contact center – all made possible by Aloware.

Aloware offers tools that both customers and agents will love. Some features let you free up time on repeated calls by routing calls directly to the agent that handled them first. You can also try different queue and routing options in favor of your customers. Start pushing calls to SMS for long queues, or offering callbacks for customers to lessen their wait time.


7 – Live analytics and custom reports

See data as they happen inside the Aloware dashboard. Your synced data will reflect CRM data from both HubSpot and Aloware interactions. You never have to rearrange data, or recompute results – all reports can be done in a jiffy and with just a few clicks.

With accurate data and analytics running automatically, it provides you with all the time to establish strategies for your sales goals. Run broadcast messages with your contact list, see engagement status, or identify hot leads before they’re gone. Tripling your conversion rates is faster and much more attainable without you having to worry about anything else.


The most compatible integration

We did not only make Aloware possible for HubSpot. We also made it work in sync with it. This we believe, shows the best solution for all your contact center needs. As salespeople, linking together these tools can only mean one thing: more sales for your business.

Now we can stop viewing CRMs as ‘additional tasks’ or ‘ tracking software’. Instead, appreciate all the opportunities you can do with it. And with a smartly integrated contact center that works inside it, handling customers to boost your sales will be such a breeze. Try HubSpot with Aloware today!

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