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The Personalized Power Communicator

Aloware Editors

Taking Personalized Communication to new heights with Aloware

Let’s face it. With today’s buyers, there needs to be something special about the relationship you build with them to make the light go off about the solution that you provide. As a sales rep, you must do many things right without any slippage to deliver on quota.

Be a Local

Buyers are 5x more likely to purchase from someone who speaks their acute dialect and has in-area resonance. People have a natural inclination to trust in what’s customary and trust is also fundamental to win deals. With Aloware, sales managers can assign outbound contacts and inbound calls based on representatives’ unique traits and proximity to leads. The product also allows for international local presence meaning you can be anywhere, on any device, and still show up as a next-door neighbor to your prospect.

Bring the Banter

Buyers demand some relatability to be swayed into a closed/won for your team. They are bombarded with the messaging of your competitors and have no loyalty unless it is built. Aloware allows you to be hyper-personalized and build meaningful relationships at scale. This is achieved through our campaign orchestration seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM to provide the context and the tools needed to be different from the rest.

Another way we’re helping sales folks achieve this is through empowering them to use unique images, gifs, and emojis when texting leads. These help build lasting memories with prospects so that when you get them on the line, the conversation has deeper roots to build on.

Be Tactical

Today’s buyer is sophisticated and complex. They all engage with their copious amounts of inboxes at alternative frequencies. It’s also very challenging to predict which inbox or engagement will get a notice or response. Therefore, utilizing the AI automation baked into Aloware can remove a ton of guesswork and wasted time prospecting. For instance, our data and dashboards will provide insights as to when prospects are most likely to respond to a specific channel touchpoint. Not just which channel but at the right time of day/week and with the most likely contact to signing the deal.

Be the sales team that 2x’s quota with the Robin to your Batman in Aloware. Find out how we’re helping the world’s leading small business sales teams reach more leads and in a humanistic way that increases engagements exponentially. Sign up for a customized demo today.

Written by Aloware Editors

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