Trying to get a response from your customers? Don’t call – Text

August 12, 2019 in Blog

Trying to get a response from your customers? Don’t call – Text

We as ordinary humans are no stranger to the fact that texting has changed the way we communicate with each other. And when we are all busy with our day to day life, no one wants that interrupting call from an unknown number. So what other channels should a business use to reach their customers and prospects?

This is why business SMS has already taken over calling. A text from a business is a really convenient way to receive a promotion, a notification, or a reminder. Even better, for customers and prospects, it is easy to look at almost immediately and decide to respond later. Best of all, a text conversation between a business and a customer already keeps the context of that conversation with it everywhere so both parties know what’s going on.

Time is gold and SMS is a (tiny) nugget

There has been a lot of research into this area. 8 years ago (wow, long time!) CNN referenced a Pew Study (link) that 31% of Americans prefer text over a call. The respondents mentioned a few reasons why they prefer texts: Privacy, accessibility, and most importantly time. It takes significantly less to read and respond to a text message than missing a call, listening to voicemail, calling back, being on hold, and talk to an agent for a small matter like appointment reminders.

Fast forward a couple years, and a new 2018 article is saying that this number has risen to 71%. That’s a lot.

Over 50 percent of consumers reported that they preferred text message over the phone, while one-third prefers text message over email.

E Brown – Social Business 09/26/2018

But what about email?

Email is a great tool. You (yes, you!) probably came to this article through a newsletter we publish via email. But – email response rates are not great and they are declining. Not everyone checks their email instantly, and with the plethora of work messages, marketing email and other stuff, email feels impersonal (anyone remembers snail mail for personal communications?).

The key difference between email and SMS in our opinion is the response rates. Given that content is relevant, and barring any spamming (that we never tolerate on Aloware), SMS boasts a 98% open rate in our study.

So what should a small business do? Is it expensive?

You probably already have voice (through your phone carrier) and probably email through another vendor. We can add SMS to the mix, even on the same business phone lines you have. We also provide an integrated Contact Center solution that you can use to supercharge your business phone, call center operation and business messaging.

We believe that business SMS / text messaging can increase your customer retention rate, increase your audience and easily deliver your message across to your customers. And we have the data to prove it. You can schedule a time here with us to see it in action.

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