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v11.10 — Facebook Ads Integration, Follow The Sun Filters, And New Metrics! [product update]

Nichole Ballesteros
Enough teasing — Facebook ads integration is finally here! We’re so happy to share that you’d now be able to further engage your leads from Facebook with calls and texts through Aloware.
  • By syncing your Facebook lead generation ads with Aloware, all form submissions — both old and new — can instantly be saved as contacts, so you can call everyone straightaway.
  • We even provide you with related ad data, so you can attribute your leads to which campaign and follow up accordingly. Yes, you can enroll your Facebook leads to broadcasts and sequences too!



To organize your call activity and get better results, we’re introducing you to our Follow the Sun feature.

  • Go to Contacts, and you’ll see a NEW button to the right called Follow The Sun. It practically arranges your contacts by timezone, setting your priorities in one click.
  • With this, you’re able to work your leads according to their location — from East to West — giving you better chances of connecting at a good time.



You can now also filter your leads by source, and easily find unassigned contacts. These should make tagging in bulk faster and increase the visibility of your leads, so you can turn more into deals.



Finally, we have a couple of additional metrics to help you optimize your contact center activities.

  • In you Broadcasts page, you can now review engagement rates. This is the percentage of contacts who respond to your campaign which can be useful in gauging the effectiveness of your messaging and promotion.
  • To support you in providing top-notch customer service, we’ve added average response times to your Dashboard and Reports. This reflects the time it takes for you to get in touch or reply back to contacts. You can monitor this metric per account, user, line or ring group.



BONUS: It’s become even easier to edit your contact’s name whilst you’re in a call! Simply click on the Edit icon ✏️ we added to update and save their correct information.

We hope these things would come in handy for you soon! Should you have questions or further suggestions, please feel free to leave us a note at feedback@aloware.com. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Nichole Ballesteros

Written by Nichole Ballesteros

Marketing manager at Aloware, introducing sales teams to the best contact center software to power up CRMs

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