Let the bots do the talking.

Our voice and text bots are conversational AI programs that engage with your customers for a variety of simple and repetitive tasks.

Aloware bots can be used to book appointments, answer questions about inventory, and guide people through complex IVRs.

Voice IVRs

No more press 1 menus.
Just ask: What can I help you with?

Increase customer service productivity with our natural language voice and text bots

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Schedule new appointments, remind people of their existing ones or manage a booking.

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Run a satisfaction survey, ask questions, and report the results without human interaction.

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Listen for frequently asked questions and respond using a predefined list of answers.

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Intent Detection

Gather customer's intent by asking "What can I help you with?" and route accordingly.

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Real Estate

Answer questions about unit availability, rent amounts, and policies. Book showings too!

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Law Firms

Prequalify leads with some simple questions before connecting them with an attorney.

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Need a conversational bot?

Since our bots are powered by real conversational data, we will need to ask you some questions before firing up the wheels and training our machine intelligence. Get in touch with us to start the process.

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