Aloware Contact Center Solution for Real Estate

All-in-one engagement technology for real estate that connects you faster.

Aloware comes with all the tools your real estate agency needs to contact your leads in under 1 second when they submit forms, or to re-engage with them with drip SMS.

Call center, 2-way SMS, sales dialer, and call tracking – all in one intuitive place.

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FormConnect Technology

Be fast, and be first to reach your leads. Aloware automatically texts your lead when they submit a form and calls your agents right then.

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Automated Sales Dialer

Make more calls and find more leads by using our automatic power dialer, designed to save you time and navigate property owner lists.

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Call Tracking Included

Our integrated call tracking tech helps you measure ad spend on platforms like Zillow, the MLS, and physical home-for-sale signs.

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Engagement technology built by and built for Real Estate professionals

Power Dialer, FormConnectTM, and marketing automation

Sales and marketing at the core of our DNA! We’ve built our software to help you connect with your leads faster and drive more sales.

Predictive Sales Dailer

PowerDialer for list of leads

SMS drip campaigns

Bulk SMS text marketing

Trigger calls from Forms

Turn forms into SMS

Call leads in less than 1 sec

Ring multiple agents at any time

engage your leads

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When someone submits a form on our website or on Zillow, Aloware sends them a text and calls them within 3 seconds. We never have to worry about speed to contact again. We're almost always the first to contact the lead and ahead of our competition.

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Evan G.

All-in-one contact center software with powerful features

Our fully customizable, turnkey call center runs in the cloud. All you need is a headset and a web browser.

Browser-based softphone

No hardware needed

Team members anywhere

Live dashboard and analytics

Sync with your CRM

Advanced IVRs

Call recording and coaching

iPhone & Android mobile apps

all inclusive contact center

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Aloware was very attentive to the needs of our firm. Always available to answer questions and guide us through the implementation of our campaigns. Pricing is very fair considering the quality of service we receive. I would recommend this to property managers of the real estate industry.

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Owen F.
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Business SMS Messaging

Email is becoming a thing of the past. Send and receive text messages from your business line. Deliver your message to a device that is always on your customer: their cell phone.

Text-enabled business line

Picture messaging supported

Shared SMS inbox for teams

Easy SMS broadcast

Post call survey & follow-up

Keyword detection

Lets get texting

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We are getting 5 times more calls and responses since we've used Aloware's SMS marketing tool. Email has completely stopped working, SMS is today's game. Leads now respond in less than 3 minutes and we don't have to cold call any more!

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Mike M.

Integrated Call Tracking

Track your calls to discover which of your ads and marketing campaigns are bringing in the most money. Pinpointing your call source has never been easier.

Assign unique numbers to ads

Instant number provisioning

Form submission tracking

Live call reports

Record all calls

Skill-based routing

Monetize your calls

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We list properties on the MLS, Zillow and even put a a physical sign in front of homes we are selling. Aloware gave us a unique, text-enabled phone number for each of these listings, enabling us to track the performance of online and offline ads in real-time. Moreover, when someone calls in, the call is dispatched to all of our agents on their cell phones.

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Caleb P.

Enterprise features at an affordable price

Power Dialer

Enable your sales reps to spend time building relationships, not hearing beeps or leaving voicemails.

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SMS Messenger

Easily send and receive SMS and picture messages on business lines from one single dashboard. 

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Record, Greet & Whisper

Welcome your callers to your business and learn about their questions by recording all calls.

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CRM two-way Sync

Every call and SMS is logged under that contact record, and all notes and tags are synced to your own CRM like magic.

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Real-time Analytics

We visualize call center KPIs so you can quickly manage your call volume and minimize customer wait time.

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IVRs: Record & Greet

Welcome your callers to your business with greetings and learn about their questions by recording all calls.

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Call Routing & ACD

Easily define tiered, cascading ring groups with priorities, quotas, schedules, and even skill-based routing calls and texts. Round robin and simul dial too!

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Queue Callbacks

No one likes waiting on a call queue. Give options to your callers to request a callback or to have their issue handled by text instead of calling.

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Speed To Contact

Automatically send a. text or make call to your leads when they submit forms or click on an ad. Engage with your leads in a personalized way right on the spot.

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5-star reviews on G2Crowd!

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