Smart call routing for optimal service

Boost operational efficiency with automated call distribution. Pass calls to agents based on round-robin, simultaneous, or randomized configuration.

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Improve call handling with smart call routing

Offer consistency and outstanding customer experience by routing repeat calls straight to contact owners. Aloware can also transfer callers automatically to the last agent they talked to.

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Make sure calls get answered

Layer first, second, third responders to make sure that someone is available to take calls for each of your ring group.

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Shorten time to resolution

Don't let callers bounce from one agent to another. Maintain context by routing repeat calls straight to a familiar representative.

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Improve agent productivity

Smart routing helps categorize calls, so your representatives will only have to deal with relevant and meaningful conversations.

Upgrade your call routing system for as low as $30/user monthly

Assign calls with ease by routing incoming calls to the right agents and dramatically reduce irate customers. Try Aloware for free today!

  • No annual contracts required
  • Free training and implementation
  • White-glove support included

Make the most out of inbound with Aloware

Score new sales and glowing reviews with smarter inbound. Open up your business with text-enabled lines, guarantee speedy responses, and monitor your team from anywhere with Aloware’s cloud-based contact center.

Shine with an unbeatable contact center

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Watch how Aloware can transform your contact center


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