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Aloware Dialer

Aloware dialer is a soft phone that works on your browser. Learn how to use the Dialer in this post.

Written by Anoosh,

Updated 3 months ago

Aloware dialer is a virtual phone that works in your browser. You can take and make calls using your browser, our mobile app, or the desktop client. The Dialer works the same way on all devices.

Dialer Screen
In-call Screen

Wrap-up Screen

Making a Call

You can make a call by opening the dialer and putting in the number. Either use the dialpad or just type the number in. If the number is a contact, Aloware automatically pulls in their name. Your calls connect instantly.

Receiving Calls

The dialer has a small bar on the top that shows your status. If you want to receive calls, set yourself to Available. Setting to Offline will prevent calls from coming to you. When you are on a call, Aloware automatically puts you on a “Busy” status.

Cold Call Transfer

Use the Transfer” icon to initiate a Cold Transfer. When you cold transfer someone, you will be disconnected and they will be put through the 3rd party. This option is useful for lead gen companies or receptionists.

Warm Call Transfer

Use the “ + Add ” button to bring someone else to this call. 3 parties will be on the call (you, customer, the 3rd party). If you hang up on this call the call will continue between the customer and the 3rd party. Useful for warm lead gen or support teams.


Putting a call on “Hold” will move the customer into a waiting room, and they hear music. During this time you can make an outbound call to answer a question, work on CRM, or anything else. You’ll then unhold the customer to speak with them again.

Tag & Note

While on a call, you can use “Add Tags” or “Add Notes“. These notes and tags are synced to the CRM in real-time and will be visible to supervisors or fellow agents.

Other dialer functions

  • Scripts” Brings on your sales scripts.
  • CRM” shows shortcuts of CRMs connected to Aloware.
  • Pause recording” Temporarily pause call recording if you are asking for sensitive information, such as SSN.

Wrap-up Screen

When you finish a call, and if your account owner has configured this ability, you’ll be put into a wrap-up mode. During wrap-up, you can take notes about the call or do post-call work. The wrap up period usually has a timer and will automatically bring you back into available when that period is up.

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