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Learn about sending and receiving text messages with Aloware. Texting is #1 way people use to communicate.

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According to recent studies, texting is the number one way people prefer to communicate with each other and business. Aloware SMS messenger provides a powerful and easy to use tool to text your customers.

MMS Support: Aloware supports sending and receiving picture messaging on all local lines.

Fax Support: Aloware supports sending a fax on almost all lines and you can order fax lines to receive fax.

CRM Connectivity: Every customer interaction is logged into your CRM.



Aloware support SMS templates that you can use as “canned-responses” to your customers. Use these to keep your frequent replies in an easily accessible place.

Dynamic Variables

You can personalize your messages for your prospects using your dynamic variables, or ShortCodes. For example, when sending SMS broadcasts, SMS Sequences, or even in call prompts (with Text to Speech), you can use tags like `[FirstName]` to pull the contact’s information and personalize your message. A full list of supported dynamic variables is below.


  • When a prospect replies “STOP” we will take them out of ANY automation sequences forever.
  • Contacts replying with “STOP” or similar will be added to a company DNC list. 
  • Be careful when including shortened links in your messages. 
  • Try to personalize your messages using our shortcode system.

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