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How Ring Groups distributes calls to your Agents and Reps?

Find out how you can distribute calls to your agents and reps to minimize customer hold time.

Written by Camille Padua,

Updated 3 months ago

When a call comes into a ring group, you can choose how that call will be distributed. You can select ring patterns to configure your Ring Group.

  • Simultaneous—Also known as SimulDial. A simultaneous distribution option will ring all phones for all agents on available status within the same order at the same time. The first person that picks up the phone wins the call, all other rings will be disconnected. 
  • Round-robin — A Round-robin distribution allows an equal distribution of calls, making sure all users in the Ring Group assist in answering the calls. Each phone of the available users will ring until someone answers. If nobody answers, the next order will be executed.

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