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Engagement Activity

The right pane shows the activity feed of the contact - calls, text messages, notes, reminders and appointments.

Written by Camille Padua,

Updated 1 month ago

Call Activity

By going on the contact’s page, you can find out the call activities. It will show if there are missed calls, inbound and outbound calls.

If you want to find out what happened to a particular call, simply click on it and it will expand. It will show you all the details – duration of the call, who made the call, what line was used, notes within the call, tags and the recording of the call which you can play and listen to.

For missed or abandoned calls, if the contact left a voicemail, you will be able to listen to the recording and a transcript will be shown in the notes.

Text messages

You’ll also be able to find the text conversations with the contact.

We support SMS, MMS and GIFs!

Notes, Appointments, and Reminders

Every time you make a note, appointment or reminder, it will automatically show on the activity feed. You can find out the details by clicking on them.

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