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Importing Contacts from File

Since Aloware is a lead engagement suite at its core, we use the term Contact to refer to your leads, prospect and generally every entry with a phone number.

Written by Eli Adavan,

Updated 3 months ago

Most data-driven salespeople today keep a stash of lists of interested prospects to engage with. Every day new businesses buy lists of prospects to cold call later. CRMs keep lead data for analytics, assignment and engagement. All this data can be imported into Aloware through CSV file.

Import contacts from file

Importing contacts to Aloware is easy. Follow these steps below.

1. Download and Fill-in our contacts Template File. You can manipulate the data in excel. Aloware looks for the following columns, in this particular order:

  • First Name / Last Name: contact’s name (optional). It can be left blank (but column must be present). You can later use this information to personalize your messages.
  • Phone Numbers (required): This field must be present and uniquely identifies the contact within Aloware. Numbers should be in the same format before importing your data. If you have international contacts, please include the country code, like “+49 733 9812742”. This is the only mandatory field.
  • Company Name (optional)
  • Email Address (optional): Populates a field on Aloware that connects the lead to widely used CRMs, such as Pipedrive and Hubspot.
  • Date Of Birth (optional): to run birthday campaigns. Leave blank if unavailable.
  • Notes (optional): this populates the notes section of Aloware Contacts.
  • City (optional)
  • State (optional)
  • Country (optional)
  • Zip Code (optional)
  • CSF1 (optional) – Custom field 1
  • CSF2 (optional) – Custom field 2
  • Disposition Status (optional)

Once again, when uploading, all the column names must be present. The data can be blank, but the phone number must always appear on the 3rd column.

2. Select the line that you want to import the contacts to. You can select a line where you want to import the contact data to.

3. Select the owner that you want to assign to the contacts (optional). You can select a user where you want to assign the contact data.

4. Select tags that you want to assign to the contacts (optional). Aloware creates a tag based on the date and time when you import your contacts. This tag will be visible on the Contacts page and you can search, filter or sort using this tag. Best of all, the tag enables you to send a bulk SMS blast to this very list right away.

5. Select the sequence that you want to enroll the contacts to (optional). You can select which sequence your contact data can be enrolled in.

6. When a duplicate contact is found. You can select an action if a duplicate contact is found either ignore or import and update.

7. Upload the contacts file. You can drop and upload your CSV file in this section and should be less than 8 MB. Then hit the Import button to successfully add your contacts.

Note: Aloware processes your list typically in a few minutes. We send you an email when the list is fully processed. For larger lists, it might take some time. Also, if we can’t read a line (for example if there is a bad phone number) we will skip it and inform you.

Once your list is fully uploaded, you can head to Bulk SMS or Workflows to start marketing to your leads.

If you have an unusually large list, and your list contains custom data. Please contact us via email We would be happy to assist with large lists, custom attributes or inter-app imports.

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