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Lines are your Aloware phone numbers. Your customer can call or text these numbers. Your can provision new phone numbers instantly here.

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Lines are the core of your Aloware phone system: receiving Calls and text messages from the customer. Here you can buy new phone numbers, define greeting prompts, record calls, or set up IVR phone trees.

Aloware Lines feed calls into Ring Groups, that manages Queueing calls and answering them. SMS may also be routed to a Ring Group to be dispatched to a single agent.

Each Line has an activity page that shows its calls and messages. Use multiple lines for call tracking and attribution, or set up a dedicated phone number for a department.

Call, SMS, and Fax Capability

Each Aloware line is able to receive calls, text messages and picture messages (except toll-free). Aloware lines are also used to make calls, send SMS and fax to your contacts and prospects.

Adding New Lines

When you sign up for Aloware, we automatically create a new Line for you. If you need more, click + Add Line from the top left. More details can be found in our “Adding New Lines” article.

Porting your existing phone numbers

If you have some phone numbers that are hosted with another provider (RingCentral, Vonage, 8×8, Twilio, Aircall, Dialpad, Talkdesk or others) we can port them to Aloware. Porting numbers into Aloware is free. Please contact our support team to initiate the process.

To learn more about Aloware Lines, please look at this article.

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