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Managing Customer Data

Aloware makes managing your contact data quite simple.

Written by Camille Padua,

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If you have connected a CRM, Aloware will read your customer data off of the CRM and keep itself (and the CRM) in sync.

Click the CRM logo where you integrated (in our case HubSpot) and it will automatically open the CRM contact page on another tab. Read more about Aloware Integrations here.

Phone Numbers

Each contact can have multiple phone numbers. Click the Phone Numbers section to show the current list of numbers a contact has. Most of the time, your contact has only one phone number (the primary number).

If you need to add more numbers, you can click the Add a Phone Number.

A slide-up form will appear where you can fill out the needed information. Hit +Add when you’re done.

At any given time you can edit a phone number and delete it, you can even assign a new phone number as the primary.

About this Contact

Managing Contact Owner

This refers to the user/agent who owns the contact. For sales or support teams, this is important because it will let the other agents know who manages a particular contact. Meaning, all queries, transactions, and other information will be handled by the owner only.

To assign a contact, simply click the dropdown button for the owner and it will show the list of agents you have. Select the person who manages the contact.

Note: Only one owner can be assigned to a contact.

Managing Dispositions

Your agents can use Dispositions to mark & determine exactly where a contact/lead should be in your sales or marketing cycle.

Here is how you can manage the disposition of your contact:

Click the dropdown button to see the list of dispositions available for your account. Choose the disposition that you want to use and you are all set.

Managing Contact Tags

Adding tags to your contact is a way to categorize or segment them. The entire audience of a Tag can be enrolled in a sequence, or used as a target for Bulk SMS. Your contact imports show up as a new tag with the date of upload.

More information about Tags here.

To add a contact tag, simply click + modify tags then select the tag you want to put in your contact. You can select multiple tags.

Other contact data

Aloware has placeholders for a lot of different pieces of information about your contacts, including the following:  

  • Email
  • Address
  • Website
  • Company Name
  • Location (country, zip code, city, state, time zone) – this information is guessed based on a customer’s phone number and might not be always accurate
  • Date Of Birth
  • Lead Source
  • Notes
  • TCPA Approved
  • Initial Line
  • First Connected
  • Intake Source

You can later use these fields as variables in Aloware automation and broadcast. More info can be found here.

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