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Zapier Lead Intake

Written by Anoosh,

Updated 1 month ago

Setting up your integration with Zapier and Aloware is quick and easy. In this example, we are going to see how we can connect the Facebook Lead Ads to Aloware through Zapier.

Request an Invite

The first thing you’ll need to do to begin is to receive an invite. Please click here to install Aloware into your Zapier account.

In the page that opens: Log in to Zapier and click on Accept Invite & Build a ZapOnce you’ve done this, you’ll see Aloware available in Zapier. 

Make the Zap

The next step would be clicking on Make a Zap! from Zapier toolbar:

Then search and select “Facebook Lead Ads” app for the Zapier triggers and click on continue:

The next step would be connecting Zapier to your Facebook account or selecting your previously connected Facebook account in Zapier:

Select the Page and the form that you want to connect to Aloware and click on continue:

Next, click on skip test and the trigger settings should be completed:

Move on to the next section and find Aloware and click on continue:

Click on Sign in to Aloware and enter your Aloware API token and click on continue:

Fill out the form like the given sample:

For the last step, click on skip test:

Congratulations! your setup is now complete just make sure to enable this Zap to make it work.

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