Try a phone that auto-dials your CRM leads

Let's face it, you need more than just a sales dialer. Power up your cold calling strategy with text and email campaigns. Don't let customers slip away with Aloware's intelligent and automated follow-ups.

Power Dialer

Engage with more leads and increase sales by contacting up to 500 leads in a single day!

CRM Integration

Instant syncing available. Enjoy hassle-free integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive or other CRMs.

Sales Automation

Easily automate sales workflows. Fire up a call or send a text as soon as the lead submits a form.

All-In-One Platform

Connect with customers on different channels. Manage calls, texts and leads in one place.

A sales dialer that suits every style

Get a sales dialer that works for you and your target market with Aloware. Choose the level of automation you need. From one-click-to-call functionalities to full-on automated dialing, our dialer helps you connect with the most number of leads without sacrificing your customer’s call experience.

  • Easy click-to-call contacts
  • Power dialer for lead lists
  • Timezone-based calling
  • Call tagging and dispositions

CRM integrations that free up your time

Say goodbye to manually logging every call and updating contact records. Aloware is a premier partner of Hubspot, Pipedrive, and other major CRM platforms. It pulls and pushes up to date information between platforms, so your agents have reliable information whenever they get on a call.

  • Instantly pull contacts from CRM
  • Make and record calls in your CRM
  • Two-way data syncing
  • Up-to-date reports

Sales automation beyond cold calling

Truly maximize your returns with a Power Dialer that does more than cold calling. Level up your sales workflows with automated follow-ups. Find the best time to connect with your leads by launching call and text sequences. Start reaping the benefits of an omnichannel campaign with Aloware.

  • Outbound sequences
  • SMS/MMS campaigns
  • Fax and email support
  • Agentless workflows

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