Marketing Attribution & Call Tracking Software

Discover which ads are driving calls and revenue. Maximize ROI.

Monetizing calls has never been easier. Track publishers and ad campaigns, analyze call value and quality, and route to your best buyer.

Call Tracking

Live Reports

See live calls from publishers go to your best advertiser in real-time with no fuss.

Real Time Analytics

Monetize Calls

Adjust business hours, call quotas and buyer priority settings in your dashboard.

Discover Advanced Routing

Bulk Messaging

Bring your opt-in lead list to life with our compliant, fully automatic mass SMS tool.

Compliant Mass SMS

Customers are connecting with businesses by phone more often than ever before.

Monetize Calls Like Clicks™

Track your publishers

Track calls from advertisement publishers, by issuing a unique phone number to each partner or ad campaign. Gain visibility into social media referrals, Pay-Per-Click ads, and direct page visits. We natively support Google Ads, Facebook Ads, custom landing pages and UTM tags. Learn more about call tracking in practice.

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Analyze your call value

Our intuitive reporting tool gives a high-level view of your partners and advertising campaigns, along with Cost Per Call, helping you tune your campaign spending and deliver better results to your buyers. Prequalify calls with our virtual PBX and online dialer. Monitor quality with unlimited recordings. Discover our Contact Center for Warm Transfers offering.

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Sell calls to advertisers

For any Pay Per Call network, live lead monetization is everything. Now that your calls are tracked and prequalified, its time to sell them to buyers. Drive more calls and conversions to your best buyers using our sophisticated routing logic based on State, hours of operations, quotas and concurrency limits. Read more on our advanced call router.

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If you buy or sell calls in the insurance, lending, home services, travel, or education industries, you know how valuable these leads can be. Let Aloware help you drive more revenue.

Made for Pay Per Call Industry

Whether you are an established publisher or a new pay-per-call network, monetization of calls is everything. We did a full case study on how our largest customer does it today.

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Top Call Tracking Features

Inbound calls are 10 to 15 times more likely to convert.

Advanced Ad Spend Reporting

Get a bird eye's view of all your call activity, ad campaign spending and performance. Segment calls by agent, tags, sources or partner.

Google Analytics Companion

Our Google Analytics extension automatically pushes call data to your Google Marketing Cloud and Data Studio account for analysis.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Display a unique phone number per ad campaign on your landing pages to identify keywords that bring revenue. No code required.

Full SMS Integration

All of our numbers are SMS enabled, so your customers can text you and you can respond back.

Toll-free and Local Numbers

Our large database of Virtual and verified numbers helps you build your local presence in every town.

Greet, Whisper & Record

Play a greeting to your callers. Play a whisper to agents when they pick up. Record all your calls for free.