Outbound Sales Dialer Software

Crush sales quotas with a phone system that puts relationships first

You reps want to focus on building relationships and crushing quotas, not practicing speed dialing skills. Our DialerPro automates all the pre-call and post-call work so your agents can do what they do best: selling.

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Increase Sales Performance With A Fast Dialer That Connects To Your CRM

No more data entry

Pulling data from CRM and lists is one click. Everything (including call logs) is pushed back to your CRM and archived under the contact record, giving you complete control.

With our Chrome extension and modern softphone, you can make a call from anywhere on the web. Just find a phone number, click on it, and start talking.

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Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialers

DialerPro supports 3 modes of dialing. Preview for manual dialing, Progressive for fast salespeople and Predictive for campaign-style calls. It's all managed with one easy to use interface and has agent and manager controls.

These dial modes allow you and your team to significantly improve performance while keeping calls manageable and personal.

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Automation and Workflows

All calls tie into our workflow system, so you can send an SMS before/after a call, auto-tag calls above a certain duration, or just choose to work on leads that your team has already talked to.

Our smart automation provides you with rules you can set up based on call outcome, duration of the call or content of a message to auto-tag contacts, send drip campaigns or trigger webhooks.

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Key Sales Dialer Features

Preview Dialer

Navigate lists, and start dialing manually. Ample time to do work before/after each call.

Progressive Dialer

Increase productivity by spending time talking rather than managing lists and contacts.

Predictive Dialer

Power up your sales floor with 3:1 dial ratio and automatic answering machine detection.

Local Presence

Define custom business hours for departments and teammates and create answering schedules.

SMS Automation

Trigger a personal SMS message to your leads depending on a calls outcome or a lead's status.

Custom Workflows

Build cascading and time-sensitive workflows with sequences like calls, SMS, and reminders.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

Painless Integration

Our ever-growing integration tools connect your phone system to CRMs, Help Desk software and even in-house apps.

Easy to Use

Intuitive and beautiful dashboard helps your agents get started with no training. There are no implementation fees either.

Automation Rules

Define rules and workflows for new callers, post-call surveys & tagging based on. metrics. All automatic.