Recruit, hire and manage your virtual call center reps through Aloware.

We have recently partnered with JustPressOne, our largest client, to build you a remote and cost-efficient customer service team in the US or remote.

Save time & money on outsourcing your call center operations

Finally, an all-in-one solution to create your own
managed virtual call center

Powered by Aloware Call Center technology, JustPressOne has grown to 100 agents across their call centers in the US and the Philippines. Outsource your recruiting, training and managing your customer service agents with Aloware + JustPressOne.

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Help & Customer Support

Operate a cost-efficient 24/7 customer service line with friendly agents trained on your systems & tools.

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Sales & Lead Generation

Immediately call your new leads and ask for information with persuasive agents always on the line.

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Booking & Appointment Setting

Schedule new appointments, remind people of their existing ones or manage a booking.

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The Software

Aloware Contact Center technology offers a complete virtual call center environment + SMS messaging.

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The People

JustPressOne recruits, hires and manages your call center workforce through vigorous training and quality control.

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Your Business

You save time and money by managing everything in one place through our all in one customer service solution.

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Our mission is to delight your customers

That's exactly why we built Aloware, and we partnered with JustPressOne. We believe good software + friendly agents make the perfect match.

If you are looking into call center outsourcing services for the first time, or wanting to scale your current operation, this solution is for you. Let's grow your business together.

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