#Remote Working

Crush Quotas From Home: A Salesperson’s Guide

Talking on the phone for hours in your jammies must be the new normal for most salespeople today. While remote working is saving you from the commute, the annoying office elevators, and trying to look your best (at least from the waist down), it also puts you on different kinds of daily struggles.

Why You Should Move Your Contact Center To The Cloud

Today’s situation is forcing decision-makers to cut costs on technology, and the cloud has provided solutions to get them by. In times when working from home is the only option, businesses can only rely on the most obvious solution: They should start moving their contact centers to the cloud.  On-premise vs the Cloud In terms […]

Aloware – Built for Remote Teams 🚀

Aloware is specially built for remote teams. Ever since the lockdown started, our customers in the health and medical field have experienced a 40% increase in their call volume and Aloware has been here for them to support and provide vital services..

What we are doing amid COVID-19 outbreak – free phone system for home-based teams

Many of us as business owners are thinking the same thing: what will my employees do if they can’t get to work? How will my customers feel when they call and phone rings in an empty office?