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How To Humanize Customer Experience With Contact Center Automation

Some people have this notion that the more technology is embraced, the less human-centered it will be. Thanks to futuristic movies and films, we’ve come to associate robots and technology as villains to humankind. With people still raising eyebrows at contact centers that embrace machine learning and AI, automation has proved that there is a […]

Why You Should Integrate Your Contact Center With Your CRM

When business is growing and customers are getting more demanding, how fast can you keep up? In an age of countless communication channels, contact centers must find a way to deal with every call, text, email, or social media message to connect with customers. If you’re using CRMs to manage contact lists, and phone solutions […]

7 Sales Enablement Solutions To Boost Sales And Efficiency This 2021

It is common to expect every salesperson to know what makes their customers tick. They should have knowledge of their interest down to their innermost desires. Successful selling needs a smart play of psychology, human interaction, and tons of determination. But in this modern world, sales professionals are expected to also have one thing added […]

v11.13 — Get 2-way Texting and Outbound Automation Inside Hubspot [product update]

Our team at Aloware is hard at work delivering you the best CRM integrations so you can convert more of your leads faster. We already have our sales dialer built into Hubspot, one of your favorite CRMs, and with it, it’s never been easier to get on the phone with your contacts to follow-up and close […]

Contact Center Automation Trends In The Next Five Years

In an era of ever-changing technology, the future holds so many opportunities. In the next few years, the post-pandemic workplace will make people hungry for innovation, in search for a better and more sustainable work system. Among all other technology-driven industries, contact centers are the first ones in line. Contact centers have long been developing […]

Sales Automation 101: Your Guide To Automating Sales Workflow

Aloware is designed to help businesses stay on track with their business phone calls and texts. Aloware is available in the device you’re using right now – browser, desktop or mobile!

V11.15 — New Webhook and Zapier Integration + Broadcast Filters

Aloware recently can already support multiple webhook integrations! To create a new one, go to Integrations > Webhook Settings > Add Webhook. In our new Webhook form, you can easily set up the endpoint URL, authentication methods, and events. There are even filters to only send specific lines, communications, and data.   You can easily […]