v11.16 — Aloware’s Power Dialer Just Got Better! [product update]

Hail, the Power Dialer. It dials leads for you, detects bad numbers, and automatically drops voicemails. With all the time it has saved us, who thought it can actually get even better? These past few weeks, we’ve worked on the Power Dialer to elevate your agents’ experience. Happy agents, happy customers. With this set of […]

Why You Should Integrate Your Contact Center With Your CRM

When business is growing and customers are getting more demanding, how fast can you keep up? In an age of countless communication channels, contact centers must find a way to deal with every call, text, email, or social media message to connect with customers. If you’re using CRMs to manage contact lists, and phone solutions […]

Why You Should Move Your Contact Center To The Cloud

Today’s situation is forcing decision-makers to cut costs on technology, and the cloud has provided solutions to get them by. In times when working from home is the only option, businesses can only rely on the most obvious solution: They should start moving their contact centers to the cloud.  On-premise vs the Cloud In terms […]

7 Sales Enablement Solutions To Boost Sales And Efficiency This 2021

It is common to expect every salesperson to know what makes their customers tick. They should have knowledge of their interest down to their innermost desires. Successful selling needs a smart play of psychology, human interaction, and tons of determination. But in this modern world, sales professionals are expected to also have one thing added […]

Best Sales Dialer For HubSpot Power Users

Sales dialers have come to improve the way salespeople use their time. It provides a simple albeit important solution of automatically dialing numbers to speed up the calling process. CRMs like HubSpot, on the other hand, store leads and deals to help manage sales activities. These are just two common tools utilized by modern businesses […]

Predictive vs Power Dialer Software: The Battle Of Productivity

Years ago, when salespeople looked for customers to convince them to a sale, they’d start calling each of them one by one. Now, with technology on their side, AI-powered dialers have sprung and have then continued to make their sales life easier. Though salespeople don’t need to worry about manually dialing numbers anymore, they were […]

Why You Should Not Only Use One Channel For Sales

Aloware is designed to help businesses stay on track with their business phone calls and texts. Aloware is available in the device you’re using right now – browser, desktop or mobile!

V11.8 — Upgrade: User Diagnosis Tools + new features [product update]

Aloware has rolled out a new update! Introducing Aloware's V11.8 Upgrade! New user diagnosis tool that lets you troubleshoot your own call status, Account-wide controls for wrap-up time, inbound & outbound call recordings and many more! Read for more info.

Our desktop app is live!

After a ton of requests from our users, we’ve finally launched our desktop app! The brand new Aloware desktop app brings the phone to your desktop, without having to login to Aloware on a web browser.

Aloware Named FrontRunner for Contact Center Software

It is our honor to announce today that our contact center software has been named FrontRunner for Call Center software by Software Advice. Software Advice is the leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process. Read for more info.