Aloware for Lead Gen and Performance Marketing

February 24, 2019 in Use Cases

Aloware for Lead Gen and Performance Marketing

Aloware for Lead Gen and Performance Marketing

We have a handful of large pay-per-call networks using the Aloware Platform for Performance Marketing and buying/selling calls. In essence, these companies are in the business of advertising online and offline for services and products in health insurance, life insurance, mortgages, home services and auto industries among others. Through marketing efforts, they drive prospects to make a call to inquire or purchase goods or services. With the live call in hand, they sell the leads to various vendors (their end clients) to fulfill the order.

With the advent of mobile search, it is predicted that by 2019, at least 160 BILLION calls will be made by consumers to businesses from a mobile device.

That’s quite a large number.


At Aloware, we are making phone calls monetizable just like web traffic and clicks. Our software helps performance marketers and pay-per-call vendors to track calls, measure advertising performance and automate routing through comprehensive and advanced technology, all the while providing full visibility and attribution into call conversions.

This entire effort is truly data-driven, and our technology greatly improves our client’s ROI and reduces the operational headache of maintaining multiple phone trunks, call center infrastructure, and data acquisition and visualization platforms. In this article we have looked into the business process of one of our customers, TigerPoint Leads.

TigerPoint operates in Healthcare, Insurance and Local Services Verticals

What Was Needed

We optimized Aloware to satisfy the needs of TigerPoint across the spectrum and help them grow their business. In short, this involved 4 main pain points that we identified in our conversations with TigerPoint and addressed with our technology. Here is a summary of what we proposed and delivered. To keep it short, we’ve dug deeper into each item in its own post linked below.

Advertiser and Partner Tracking

Seamless Call Center, Pre-qualification and Creating Warm Leads 

  • Answer calls through one single platform for call center infrastructure
  • Prequalify & segment calls using dynamic tags, notes and scripted forms
  • Monitor call center agents performance and talk time
  • Barge into calls, listen to recordings and coach your agents
  • Read more: Seamless Call Center: Prequalifying Leads & Creating Warm Transfers

Intelligent Routing to Buyers

  • Automate the routing logic to manage call volumes
  • Send the call to the most qualified buyer and best destination
  • Configure buyer options with Hours of Operation, State Suppression, Concurrency
  • Run the call towards multiple buyers at the same time, by priority, or in random and maximize payouts
  • Deep dive: Dispatching Calls To Buyers, Advanced Routing & Monetizing Calls Like Clicks

Actionable Reports and Business Automation

  • Live reporting accurately identifies trends in call volume and traffic data
  • Time buffer measurement and reporting automates payout management
  • Minimal administrative oversight needed to run the solution
  • Our unique Pay As You Go pricing model provides ultimate scalability (up and down)

End to End VoIP Technology, Global Coverage, Reliability and Cost Savings

  • An end-to-end solution reduces data loss issues, cross-app integration and confusion
  • Cloud-based solution provides near 99.5% availability and uptime
  • Fully managed platform tremendous cost saving in maintenance and administration
  • No more onsite hardware needed, no E1/T1/Broadband or telco contracts
  • Browser-based dialer enables work-from-home employees or offshore centers


When we started talking with TigerPoint, they were using a legacy system consisting of Asterisk and ViciDial servers, a couple T1 and E1 lines to their call center location, and a myriad of Excel files, whiteboards, paper lists, and administrative assistants to run their business.

Their main pain point was (1) automating as much as possible [which we discussed above] and (2) system reliability. Calls are delicate objects – if the phone is not picked up on the 3rd ring, the prospect will call the competitor. TigerPoint had to maintain their servers, VoIP infrastructure, and legacy broadband telephone services at an extremely high cost and through various vendors and consultants. With each point of this integrated system having issues, the entire business would grind to a halt quickly.

We solved for this by being completely cloud-based, highly available, resilient and virtualizing the entire VoIP stack. Our phone lines run in the cloud, there is no hardware to manage on site (except for a pair of headsets!) and we have redundancies in place to make sure we can serve their business 24/7. In case of connectivity issues, we provided a 24/7 support line to TigerPoint to consult and identify issues before they strike the business process.

Implementation & Current Usage

We implemented and deployed our solution for TigerPoint in 2 weeks. Our revolutionary pricing model allowed them to scale their business up or down on demand without any hidden fees, agent seat fees or the like. We not only satisfied their business requirement with our SaaS software but also helped them grow their business dramatically. TigerPoint has been a paying customer of Aloware for 14 months and has serviced around 900,000 calls through the platform, averaging about 3,000 per day.

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