Driving & Measuring Inbound Calls Through Publishers And Partners

February 25, 2019 in Use Cases

Driving & Measuring Inbound Calls Through Publishers And Partners

This is a detailed post about our case study with TigerPoint Leads, a full-service lead gen & pay-per-call vendor. You can see the main article here.

What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking is a way of measuring, monitoring and optimizing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign to generate phone calls and prospects. This is done through using one or many unique tracking numbers displayed on a web page (or on the online ad itself, or even on paper) where the underlying call to action is a customer calling the business.

As a definitive method of attribution, implementing Call Tracking leads to marketing effectiveness through comparing different advertising channels; essentially indicating how each channel is appealing to your customer base. The use of unique numbers allows you to gather a lot more data on your prospects, such as their search terms, ads visited, keywords clicked on and even location for national brands.

Case Study: Call Tracking In Practice

TigerPoint partners up with publishers and marketing agencies who produce content that drives traffic, run ad campaigns and use social media channels to generate engagement. Since most of the services here cannot be purchased online or require a deep consultation (like mortgages, health insurance, Medicare, life insurance), the objective of those campaigns is to generate calls.

Simple Call Tracking – Every Step

TigerPoint’s goal (and their partner’s goal) here is to optimize their campaigns for calls and use the attribution and conversion data gathered to establish more conversions and hence higher revenue. Identifying trends in call volume is key to success.

$68 Billion Dollars is spent annually on advertising with the “only” intention of driving more phone calls. This includes ads in newspapers, radio, TV, and of course on the internet. 

SMBs account for about 36% of the market.

Knowing that the keywords in Healthcare and Insurance industry (in our example) are very expensive, it is critical for the advertiser and publisher to get granular attribution for their media spend, generated call volume and final conversion rates.

Here Aloware helps by providing modern web-based call tracking. By providing unique phone numbers to each online campaign (Google PPC, Facebook Ads among others) our software enables the publishers to accurately measure the call volume they are receiving from their efforts and calculate ROI.

Assigning a unique phone number to traffic source

In some industries like Lending and Insurance, publishers drive traffic to a landing page, with a few questions and a clear marketing message. Aloware’s Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology gives marketers the ability to actively replace phone numbers on these landing pages with a trackable one based on the source of the traffic.

When a prospect calls in, their call is routed through our contact center software (see next post) and is associated with their online session history (traffic source, landing page visited, the keyword used, and other UTM tags). This data will be aggregated and reported in the next step. Aloware natively supports paid traffic sources such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, landing pages and even custom tags.

See a sample report below.

Various Call Tracking Reports from Aloware

Data acquisition and reporting is a critical key to this business. Live Call market is solely built on KPIs, measuring expenses and calculating ROI. Aloware makes this super easy by providing various reports over each segment of the call’s journey.

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