Business Phone for Legal Industry (+ SMS)

June 20, 2019 in Use Cases

Business Phone for Legal Industry (+ SMS)

Last Week we sent an email to a few attorneys and law firm marketers about our Cloud Contact Center platform that turns cold leads into hot clients. We also made a video showing how easy it is to ditch desk phones and to take your phone to the cloud.

Here is a link to that video on Youtube.

So what is the pitch again?

We specialize in helping law offices modernize their communication technology by offering modern Contact Center software that offers Business SMS, Call Tracking & a browser-based phone system. In short, our software enables you to:

  • Take your calls with just a browser & a headset, anywhere in the world, with our Cloud Call Center
  • Text your leads back and forth, share pictures over MMS, all through our secure and compliant Business SMS Portal
  • Find keywords and online ads that convert and measure advertising ROI with our Call Tracking Tool
  • Automatically get your leads on the phone when they submit forms or visit your site and send warm SMS using our Lead Outreach Automator

Ah – but who actually uses this new thing?

Legal firms nationwide! Attorneys in Personal Injury, DUI & Criminal, Divorce, Immigration and basically any law office that takes most of their business via phone calls.  They are using our technology to run their Contact Center operations with zero upfront investment. It’s really easy.

If you need more help in understanding how our Cloud Contact Center for Legal Firms works, please contact our support. We are happy to help.

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