Contact Center Software for Real Estate

September 11, 2019 in Blog

Contact Center Software for Real Estate

We recently helped one of our flagship clients, RavenRock Realty, to generate more leads and triple their call intake. Before using Aloware, they struggled with traditional marketing efforts like email campaigns, Facebook Ads, and offline signs and placards. We stepped in to digitalize the process, enable them to receive texts on their company lines, and overall help them create 3 times more leads and calls with the same advertising budget.

Communication Technology for Real Estate
A typical real estate agency works on two simple principles: visibility and communication. Your leads need to feel welcome, personally taken care of and professionally helped. In this article, we’ll see how Aloware helped RavenRock Realty bring their lead generation efforts into the modern age using Aloware Call Tracking and SMS marketing. 

About RavenRock Realty (RRR)
RRR is a real estate agency that helps both sellers and buyers. They have about 15 agents on the field with a back office of a few dedicated marketers and transaction facilitators. They operate local to our office (Los Angeles, CA) and work both the buy-side and sell-side. Their sister company operates a mortgage business, mostly operating in refinances and writing new mortgages.

Tracking Calls from Ads & Street Signs
As with all real estate agents, RRR lists the home on MLS, Zillow and places a physical sign in front of homes they are selling. We gave them a unique, text-enabled phone number for each of these listings, enabling them to track the performance of their online and offline ads in real-time. Moreover, instead of calls and texts going to a personal cellphone, they now go to a company inbox, where an available agent or assistant can immediately respond. When a potential lead calls to ask about the home, the call is dispatched to all of their agents on their cell phones. We call this SimulDial (ringing multiple phones at the same time).

Home for sales signs all have a phone number. But who’s phone number?

CRM integration 

RRR is a mid-sized agency – they use CRM software to store manage their lead data. In RRR’s case, they use Hubspot (previously Podio and Pipedrive). They wanted to capture all call recordings and texts between leads an agents in their CRM to review and analyze later. Since Aloware natively integrates with Hubspot CRM, every call to each ad (online or offline) gets recorded and posted to their CRM. We also set up an autoresponder for leads texting phone numbers to reply back with the property information in seconds!

SMS is way more effective than cold calling or email.

Sell-Side Lead Generation

RRR runs a few different strategies for their sell-side lead generation: they usually purchase lists of potential sellers in the LA area and try to get in contact with them. Yet – they were frustrated with email marketing. No one opens email anymore: their emails were simply ignored or went to spam. Their direct mail approach also didn’t turn any recognizable return.
Aloware came in to help. With our Lead Automation for Real Estate technology, we automated and modernized their lead outreach. Using Aloware’s Bulk SMS tool, RRR is now able to get a 98% delivery rate. Sending an SMS to a lead’s cellphone is way more efficient and personal than emailing them, and leads to at least 5 times more calls and responses. We gave them a sequence of 10 messages (sent over a month) and it proved results almost immediately after the first week.

Conclusion & Review

Implementing our Real Estate Contact Center (aka business phone system for real estate agents) for RavenRock took less than a week. No custom development was needed, and we charged them no extra fees (just an affordable monthly subscription). Since we don’t charge per seat, they can scale up or down at any time.

Thanks to this opportunity (and their trust in Aloware) we were able to transform their lead outreach and optimize their marketing. Measured after 3 weeks of implementation we increased their inbound calls by 3 fold, greatly reduced wasted agent time on questions that can be answered on a text rather than a call, and delivered a delightful customer experience to their clients.

Written in collaboration with RavenRock Realty. If you have questions about our Real Estate Contact Center software, please contact us at

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