Contact Center + Call Tracking for Law Firms

February 28, 2019 in Use Cases

Contact Center + Call Tracking for Law Firms

Contact Center + Call Tracking for Law Firms

We have recently implemented our Contact Center solution along with it’s Call Tracking component for a few mid-sized law firms that serve the State of California. Our clients litigate Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Workers Comp, DUI Criminal Charges and practice Immigration Law. As businesses, they utilize various marketing channels to drive inbound calls, qualify leads and form cases to grow revenue.

These public-serving Legal Practices share a few special characteristics:

  • Advertising is extremely expensive: billboards, radio and online (highest bid keyword on Google, see here)
  • Prospects are using a variety of channels to inquire: such as Calls, SMS, and Facebook
  • Leads need almost urgent assistance, leaving the channel if no response is received in ~ 5 minutes
  • They use CRM software to manage leads and Case Management software to run their business
  • And privacy regulations, data security, and client confidentiality are of utmost importance.

In this article, we’ve looked into how our customers currently utilize Aloware to offer superior client experience. Our research is based on in-depth interviews with 5 of our clients, who have implemented Aloware’s End to End Contact Center for Legal Industry.

Advertising ROI, Generating Leads and Call Tracking

All legal practices want to make sure that their marketing dollars are not being wasted on ads and keywords that don’t bring in calling leads. Aloware’s Call Tracking technology helps by providing a unique phone number per advertising campaign (or channel) and attributing the lead to the keyword when a new inbound call is placed to the firm. We have dived deep into our Call Tracking component in a separate article here.

The Call Tracking component of our End to End solution enabled our clients to:

  • Calculate their advertising ROI on each channel and campaign, and as a whole
  • Gain granular visibility into their advertising channel effectiveness at a glance
  • Measure their cost per lead throughout campaigns, and optimize campaigns to improve their CPL and CPC

With Google keywords in our industry (such as personal injury attorney) as expensive as $100 per click, any small improvement in our Cost Per Call multiplied by our call volume has saved us a TON of money.

Aquabell Law – Aloware customer

Embracing Modern Channels of Communication (not just calls): SMS and Social Messengers

As Millennials become the largest population of any business’s consumer, their methods of communication have taken over traditional ways such as calling. When we look at our clients’ lead intake, there is a surge in SMS messaging and Social Media channels, specifically Facebook. Our Contact Center component natively handles calls and SMS (on the same phone number, even on toll-free numbers) and a variety of social channels, such as Facebook Messenger.

By deploying our Cloud Contact Center component, we helped our clients to quickly and painlessly:

  • View all their communication channels in a single window
  • Open up to new opportunities by offering new methods of communication, specifically SMS
  • Preserve context across different conversation mediums, like following up calls with messages and vice versa

You can see a learn more about our contact center by clicking here or watch the video below.

Running a 24/7 Contact Center, with Remote Agents and At-Home Attorneys

Needless to say, after spending all that money on marketing, and using technology to widen the communication channels, nobody wants to lose a high-value lead. Our clients run either in-house or off-shore call centers, and some use their paralegal staff to field incoming calls. With communications going more mobile, and support workforce being transitioned to overseas, setting up a robust, always available and highly reliable Call Center is a big channel and requires a large investment – if you go the traditional route.

We tackled this problem by moving calls (and other communication methods) from copper lines to the cloud, hence “cutting the cord”. By modernizing their contact centers through our Cloud-based software, we empowered our clients to:

  • Take calls with their web browsers, making it possible and easy to take calls on any device, everywhere
  • Cloud-based software means no downtime, and no CAPEX, so they can spin up a call center half a world apart in a matter of hours not months
  • Offer superior customer service (which is our motto!) – This factor alone usually guarantees more revenue for the firm
  • Transfers calls to on-call attorneys working at home (or in the field) seamlessly, conferencing in agents, case managers or other lawyers with a click

Legal niche leads want immediate, “house-on-fire” attention. They get it extremely fast, or they move on and get it quickly elsewhere.  

Is your business open 24/7?

Integration into Legal CRM and Case Management software

The legal industry is historically quite paperwork intensive and these days, computers have taken over paper forms. This means that a legal firm’s communication systems must be deeply integrated with the software they use to get & manage new clients (their CRM) and software they use to run their business (the casework software).

The final component of our End to End offering, CRM integration, resolved this by:

  • Directly posting call and messaging data into their CRM’s contact record
  • Capture and report marketing data like contact source, call recordings, sentiment, and keywords
  • Bring up the client’s file on-screen automatically before a call is answered
  • Writing call notes, tags and keywords mentioned into the CRM for future assessment
  • Unifying point of contact (the phone) with the system of record (case management software)
Aloware integrated with Hubspot

Bonus Point: Privacy, Security and Client Confidentiality concerns

The legal industry puts a heavy emphasis on the confidentiality of client data. This, along with the fact that our customers also deal with medical information (hospital bills, injuries, etc), means that any communication system they use (mainly telephony) has to be compliant and observe confidentiality regulations. A great example of this, that almost all of our clients were dealing with was case managers sending and receiving text and MMS using their personal cellphones, exposing the firm to potential risks.

To alleviate the problem, we offered:

  • Call recording on company lines, tied to the client’s records for further verification and reference
  • Full visibility into Customer Service and Case Management lines (call barging, whispering, transcription and keyword detection)
  • Private and Team-accessible SMS inboxes on company lines for Case Managers to communicate with their clients

Update: We made a presentation for this offering! See below.

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