Dispatching Calls To Buyers, Advanced Routing & Monetizing Calls Like Clicks

February 26, 2019 in Use Cases

Dispatching Calls To Buyers, Advanced Routing & Monetizing Calls Like Clicks

Dispatching Calls To Buyers, Monetizing Calls Like Clicks & Actionable Analytics

This is a detailed post about our case study with TigerPoint Leads, a full-service lead gen & pay-per-call vendor. You can see the main article here.

Following the past two steps (tracking call’s source and prequalifying it using the dialer), the call is now ready to be transferred to the buyers. TigerPoint usually has many buyers in any of their verticals, and each buyer pays a different commission per call. The ones who pay more buy less, and the ones who buy more pay less. To further complicate things, in Insurance and Financial verticals, buyers usually serve only specific states. Adding to the mix is varying hours of operations per each buyer, and each one’s concurrency limits (maximum number of calls they can handle at the same time).

Aloware helps by automating the routing logic, automatically selecting the best buyer for every call. This is done through a comprehensive filtering logic set up per buyer profile, with elements such as hours of operation, concurrency limits, daily delivery quota, and geo-routing.

Configuring a buyer: buffer time, scheduling, geo-routing and concurrency settings

In a perfect world this would have been the end of the story, push the transfer button and get paid – yet there is another level of complexity, undeliverable calls. Many times, the buyers will not accept a transfer at the moment of delivery. Since this is a live transfer, and time and money have been spent on generating the call, prequalifying it and thus substantially increasing the ticket value, the call cannot fail.

Our intelligent router then tries to connect the call to the next buyer. This is defined in either a series of sequential attempts (A -> B -> C) or round robin (A -> B -> C -> A) until the call is sold.

We also provide a take-it-win-it system for dispatching calls, called simultaneous dialing which forwards the call to all qualified buyers at the same time. The first one to pick up wins the lead, which ensures that the maximum number of attempts is made right at the beginning. Although TigerPoint does not use this function (because of warm transfers and personalization experience) some of our smaller clients who route cold transfers find this option very handy.

In the past 3 sections, we went over generating calls from paid (or referral) traffic, tracking the sources for accurate RoI measurement, engaging with prospects to prequalify them, and selling the calls to the buyers and fulfilling service orders.

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