Seamless Call Center: Prequalifying Leads & Creating Warm Transfers

February 26, 2019 in Use Cases

Seamless Call Center: Prequalifying Leads & Creating Warm Transfers

Seamless Call Center: Prequalifying Leads & Creating Warm Transfers

This is a detailed post about our case study with TigerPoint Leads, a full-service lead gen & pay-per-call vendor. You can see the main article here.

To increase their lead’s monetary value, TigerPoint answers the call via Aloware Call Center and prequalifies the lead. The prequalification step is necessary to weed out prospects who are not ready to buy or are not even qualified to buy. Aloware provides a web-based dialer that replaced TigerPoint’s archaic ViciDial implementation and supplied technology to get rid of plastic IP phones.

Furthermore, TigerPoint completely cut their expenses on maintaining their call center infrastructure. Our technology enabled them to hire more reps and agents across the country (and even abroad) to decentralize their operations. Since answering calls through Aloware just need a browser and an internet connection, TigerPoint was able to set up remote agents working from home, without worrying about SIP transfers, hardware glitches or server uptime.

A call that is generated through the first step is pushed into Aloware’s Smart Queue, routing to the most optimal agent. We determine the best agent available for the call based on various factors such as call’s source, agent’s skills, their availability and their previous engagement with these leads.

Contact Center with live agents answering calls on the browser.

The agent then answers the call through the browser and starts the prequalification process. The call is tagged and notes are taken, and if it’s a qualified lead, it gets transferred to the buyer. The data gathered here is added to the same call record and will be aggregated in reports later on.

Another key step that TigerPoint emphasizes on is monitoring agent performance and conversation quality. This is done by live call barging and monitoring (where a manager joins the call on mute and listens in); listening to recordings after a call is completed, or using our call transcription AI to detect important keywords and customer’s intent.

The tags have their own reporting, see below.

TigerPoint mainly uses the aggregate traffic source data, agent talk time, and destination durations. The reports can be broken down by sources, campaigns, tags and virtually every other attribute we gather. Moreover, Aloware provides a handy “billable” report (in Excel) that can be used to tally up the payouts and partner commissions.

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