Receive safe calls with verified calling

Protect your customer from scams and fraud. Aloware integrate with participating businesses to let you know when an incoming call is a verified call.

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Protect your privacy with Aloware verified calling

Verified Calls, powered by Aloware, helps your business especially your customers avoid scams and fraud by displaying a trusted profile of the caller when your phone rings.

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Resolve compliance issues

Enable your business to stay fully compliant with valid registration and reduce costs by identifying relevant calls only.

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Eliminate spam calls

With automated spam number detection and out-of-code technology, you will spend less time worrying and more time selling.

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Boost consumer trust

Increase call answer rates, build trust with your customers, and help easily identify phone calls from legitimate businesses.

Aloware ring groups

Build trust with verified calling for as low as $30/user

Reduce risk with verified calls—created by Aloware—get you connected with the right businesses. Try Aloware Free Trial.

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  • With white-glove support
  • Free implementation

Make the most out of inbound with Aloware

Score new sales and glowing reviews with smarter inbound. Open up your business with text-enabled lines, guarantee speedy responses, and monitor your team from anywhere with Aloware’s cloud-based contact center.

Shine with an unbeatable contact center

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Watch how Aloware can help your outbound team


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