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Aloware v9.0 *Pre* Release Announcement – Critical News!

This weekend, we will be unleashing our biggest release yet. We’ve been working hard to simplify the platform for our clients by streamlining the process of onboarding agents and reps.  As we mentioned before, in this release we will be retiring the destination number concept from Aloware. Aloware is focusing on Agents and Reps as…

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Aloware v8.0: Email and a new Auto Dialer!

This week we focused on our automation and lead outreach toolset to make prospecting easier and faster. Here are the important changes that you should know about:  Email to lead: Workflows can now send emails to your leads, along with SMS and auto dials. This new addition will make your lead generation campaigns truly omnichannel. Team…

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Aloware v7.34 (and news about the app)

We just released an update that brings more awesome functionality to Aloware.  Scripts: Each line can have one or many Scripts defined, so when your reps answer the phone, they can read the script pre-populated with contact data. Just like a traditional call center. The IVR sports a new “Employee Directory” option, that reads extensions and…

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Aloware v7.30: Did anyone say APP?

Greetings from your hard-working contact center team! I am excited to share that we’ve submitted the first version of our app to App Store! The all-new Aloware app is capable of handling your calls and text messages on your phone, giving you a full mobile experience to serve your customers better. As we align ourselves…

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Aloware v7.20: More Integrations

Happy Monday!  We’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks and felt like it’s time to share some updates. We’ve upgraded Aloware to v7.20. This release was aimed at Integrations, providing a better telephony experience for our customers and yours. Here is a list of things that have changed:  We now have an integration…

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Aloware 7.12: SMS Templates, Wait Music, Auto Responders

Another update from your favorite Contact Center team 🙂  This week, we released a few features requested by our customers. All these features are now generally available. See below for more.  – SMS Templates: You can define templates for messages (Contacts > Messages) and your agents can use them to send canned responses.  – Customized…

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