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Aloware v7.30: Did anyone say APP?

Greetings from your hard-working contact center team! I am excited to share that we’ve submitted the first version of our app to App Store! The all-new Aloware app is capable of handling your calls and text messages on your phone, giving you a full mobile experience to serve your customers better. As we align ourselves…

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Aloware v7.20: More Integrations

Happy Monday!  We’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks and felt like it’s time to share some updates. We’ve upgraded Aloware to v7.20. This release was aimed at Integrations, providing a better telephony experience for our customers and yours. Here is a list of things that have changed:  We now have an integration…

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Aloware 7.12: SMS Templates, Wait Music, Auto Responders

Another update from your favorite Contact Center team 🙂  This week, we released a few features requested by our customers. All these features are now generally available. See below for more.  – SMS Templates: You can define templates for messages (Contacts > Messages) and your agents can use them to send canned responses.  – Customized…

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Aloware v7.6: Quick Add

We just released Aloware v7.6, a user-friendliness release. Here is what’s new:  – Our brand-new knowledge base. Check it out here https://aloware.com/knowledge-base – Moving forward, we will be focusing on providing you with more tutorials, documentation, and how-tos here.  – Aloware Workflows have a brand new look, with reporting & task management – Added new sequence…

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Aloware v7.0: Better Ring Groups

Our update on Saturday was successful. After tons of live testing and validating customer accounts, we want to let you know the following:  Our IVR Builder has been completely rebuilt and can be used to create complex flows with route to destination, route to ring groups or extension selection. It can also be used to create “Press 1 for…

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Aloware v6.0 – A Dream Of Spring

Greetings, Alowareans! After weeks of hard work and thanks to your awesome feedback, we have revamped our User Interface with a new, light and easy to navigate layout. We hope you enjoy the new face of your favorite Contact Center app. Furthermore, we have enabled inbound and outbound transfers for all accounts. When you are…

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