Aloware works with what our customers use, and ♥️

Deliver a personalized, in-context experience to your customers by integrating your phone system to your CRM. Aloware integrates out of the box with major CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Slack.

Merge call recordings with customer records

CRM Integrations

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This integration pushes calls, texts and contact data to Hubspot so you can keep your team in sync. Aloware is a featured Hubspot partner.

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Adds new persons when someone calls your Aloware number. Move deals forward with rich call and text data right inside Pipedrive.

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Pipeline Deals

Bi-directional calling and texting right from your Sales CRM. Call recordings and transcription under each activity with your customer.

Notify relevant team members of a new customer request

Collaboration Tools

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Push your text messages and call data right into a Slack channel and assign team members to respond to your customer’s questions right away.

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Help Scout

Push voicemails, call recordings and incoming messages to Help Scout and merge them into customer support tickets or create new ones.

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Send detailed call and text information to your own app along with contact data with our customizable, powerful webhook triggers over HTTP/JSON.

act on your advertising data with magical automation

Marketing Platforms

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Google AdWords

Add call tracking to your campaigns, send a text when someone fills out a form and gain visibility into what ads are raking in calls to your business.

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Facebook Leads

Engage your Facebook leads into an SMS sequence or automatic call follow up with our powerful Facebook new lead email processor.

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Add SMS to your engagement flows with our Mailchimp integration. Connect subscription events to our SMS workflows and text your leads.

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Need a custom integration?

We’re engineers at heart, we love making tools that work together. Just let us know how you want to connect your phone system to your in-house CRM and see Aloware’s magic at work.

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