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Sales Power Dialer
Cloud Phone System
Contact Center Software
CRM Calling & Texting
AI Analytics

Sales Power Dialer

Scale your outbound sales operations by leveraging the most advanced power dialer that dials 300+ leads a day, either from your CRM lists or manual upload. Our sales dialer automatically detects and handles voicemail, records call dispositions, and even sends a happy follow-up text to clients 🙂 With our local presence dialing feature, your customers and prospects see your calls or texts appear from local numbers, proven to boost your connection rate. Your reps can instantly ramp up call volumes, close deals faster, and eliminate unnecessary busy work with Aloware’s AI-driven sales dialer. 

  • Call campaigns
  • Local presence
  • Trigger SMS on disposition
  • 500+ calls a day
  • Scripts and templates
  • Auto handle voicemails
Sales Power Dialer

Cloud Phone System

Modernize your business operations with our cloud-first virtual phone system that’s built for inbound teams. Easily reduce customer wait time with our smart call routing, CRM record lookup, and advanced queue manager. Offer best-in-class support with our self-serve IVR builder, 2-way business texting, and priority queue controls. Power up your reps to see CRM info pop-ups before answering calls, take multiple inbound tasks, and guide them to success with barging and whispering built in. Lastly, thanks to our advanced AI voice analytics technology, you can see a live dashboard of your call performance. 

  • Smart queues
  • Barge & whisper
  • Parallel calls
  • IVR builder
  • 2-way texting
  • Pop-up info
Cloud Phone System

Contact Center Software

Instantly set up your virtual business phone system and empower your teams to build long-lasting customer relationships with Aloware. Ditch the hardware with our web-based phone system, or take it on the go with our mobile apps. See calls and texts from your customers in one glance, assured that all records are syncing to your CRM. Never miss a beat with our voicemail follow-up reminders, automated text-backs, and instant number provisioning. Aloware comes with all features you expect from a phone, like cold & warm transfers, call parking, wait music and much more. 

  • Local & toll-free numbers
  • Calling & texting
  • Personal lines
  • Team ring groups
  • Voicemail taking
  • Business hours
Contact Center Software

CRM Calling & Texting

Aloware integrates into major CRM systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho. All your calls and text messages are recorded in your CRM and show up as activities with your contacts. Further, Aloware sends the call recording and its transcription to your CRM’s reporting, so you can see rep performance along with other data. With our 2-way integration, Aloware surfaces contact information as a pop-up when you receive a new call or a new text. For HubSpot & Pipedrive, our dialer and text messenger are embedded into the CRM itself, so your reps don’t have to navigate multiple windows. 

  • CRM sync
  • Warm transfer
  • Agent whisper
  • Call notes
  • Call recording
  • Call queuing
CRM Calling & Texting

Smart Transcription

Determine the quality of every conversation through near-instant call transcription and AI-powered sentiment analysis. Conduct more sophisticated quality assurance with real-time voice analytics that uses AI to highlight keywords, themes, tone, and sentiment to better catalog customer conversations and identify areas of improvement. Increase team performance through quantitative and qualitative data, leveraging these tools for more accurate evaluations and better agent training. Save time by viewing aggregate call reports based on team members, ring groups, or specific lines. 

  • AI-powered insights
  • Voice to text transcription
  • Tagging and highlighting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Built-in audio player
  • Agent training
Smart Transcription

So integrated, you won't know the difference

aloware logo integration

Supercharge your sales team

Make 300+ calls daily with our AI-driven power dialer. Scale up text campaigns with smart sequence builder. Your CRM has the fuel, Aloware brings the fire. 

Example: Assign leads to reps on HubSpot and automatically populate their power dialer on the daily. 

  • Power dialer
  • CRM list import
  • Works inside CRM
  • 2-way texting

Your customers prefer text

Research (and common sense!) shows that people look at their texts within 3 minutes, and open 97% of messages they receive. Be where it matters most: their inbox. 

Example: Fill out our demo form [for real] to see this one in action 🙂 

  • Business texting
  • Picture messages
  • SMS/MMS campaigns
  • Call and text sequences

Integrate with your favorite tools

Natively integrate with your CRM to keep your team productive in one place. Aloware logs all calls, texts, and recording right into your CRM, and shows contact info before answering calls. 

Example: See call counts on HubSpot reporting along with other rep activities against a deal. 


  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive

Measure the metrics that matter

Gain visibility into the metrics that matter to your business with advanced reporting, pre-built, and customizable dashboards. Monitor reps and call queues in real time and drive performance across your team. 

Example: Automatically flag all calls under 2-minutes and send them for review. 

  • Live wallboard
  • Call barging
  • Smart routing
  • Custom dashboards

Turn outbound into inbound

Generate interest in your products and services by leveraging our AI-driven sequence builder that makes calls and sends texts on your behalf.

Example: Instantly place a call to leads the moment they submit a form on your website. 

  • Sequence builder
  • Triggered campaigns
  • Omnichannel workflows
  • 12+ actions

Scam likely! We hate that too.

Utilize “trusted calling” to navigate the complex web of call blocking and spam reports. We have a team dedicated to ensuring your calls go through and are answered so you win more customers. 

Example: Scam Likely 👺📱

  • STIR/SHAKEN compliance
  • A2P 10DLC campaigns
  • Spam protection
  • Number health check

AI voice analytics

Our newly-released voice analytics technology transcribes every call and detects keywords, tone and sentiment across your conversations, so you don’t have to listen to every single call. 

Example: Customer was “angry” and “frustrated” on this call, mentioning the word “cancel” and “terminate”. 

  • Transcription
  • Keyword detection
  • Word cloud
  • Sentiment detection

Skip the trial and error. Go with a proven solution.

Live agent monitoring, ready-made reports, call barge and whisper features - these are just some of the things managers love from us. Request a free trial, and test it all with your team today!

Skip the trial and error. Go with a proven solution.

One platform to power your phone (and text!) engagement

We built Aloware in 2019 with a remote-first mentality. Now, 25 million calls later, we have perfected a phone system that can be used for sales, for support, and as general-purpose contact center software. Aloware believes in omnichannel too – we’ve unified calling, texting and automation into a single platform designed to work natively with your CRM. 

Take it from our happy customers

Kevin Ramproop
Kevin Ramproop
CTO at Express Trucking Group
"The automated dialer feature is a huge plus, allows me to put all my leads in a list and blast the phone really fast. if the customer is not available (which is usually the case) I send them a text automatically."
Hayato Hori
Hayato Hori
CEO at RocketOffr
"Aloware introduced us to SMS marketing for home sellers and wholesale real estate. We’ve been able to triple our homes under contract acquisition with Aloware SMS marketing and dialer combined."
Patricia Araiza
Patricia Araiza
Manager, Sales Development at GoSite
"I am a manager who is using Aloware for our team of 100 SDRs. I love the support that Anoosh and Sohrab have given us. When we experienced an issue we were able to reach out to them directly to get it fixed. I also liked the flexibility that they provided us, by customizing and tailoring Aloware to our needs."
Ryan Buswell
Ryan Buswell
CEO at JustPressOne, Inc.
"Everything about Aloware is amazing. They are really creating a phone system of the future and every time we have an idea, they implement it ASAP. Its exciting to be apart of something so revolutionary and seeing it grow everyday into a more and more powerful too, helps us become a ever more efficient company."

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Aloware handles smart routing and autoresponders to make sure every new lead is attended to. Find customer information and touchpoints in one place for easy reference in calls and other follow-up efforts.

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