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Aloware is so much more than a sales dialer. We’re here to provide the latest tools and upgrades for your Contact Center. Aloware innovates systems and fixes grey areas through these tools you never thought you need.

Phone Numbers

Local Numbers

Provision phone numbers in US and Canada complete with calling, text messaging, MMS, and faxing capabilities.

International Numbers

Relocating cross-country? Get your business an international number available within our growing list of 120+ countries.

Picture Messaging

A picture says a thousand words. All Aloware numbers are capable of sending and receiving MMS for your convenience.

Easy Porting

We make sure you can use Aloware with ease. Enjoy fast, easy, and free porting to Aloware from any type of provider.


Easily register a new toll-free number for your customers. Call and text-supported for US and Canada.

Local Presence

A peer closer to your leads, get your business’ local area code across all US cities with our AI-powered local presence.

Text Messaging

Reach out to customers through a channel they most prefer. Send and receive SMS and manage all interactions in one place.

SIP Intake

Skip the extra work. Our SIP intake helps move your traffic easily from on-premise hardware to Aloware.


Call Recording

Puts your calls on record to analyze, review, or get back to later. Helps assess agent performance or cite sample on-call scenarios for training.

Call Routing

Get your team running the show with a customizable call routing. Set up rules and call distributions to manage your team.


Add Interactive Voice Responders (IVRs) to your customer support line so you customers are well-guided.

Personal Voicemail

Make messages personal for better connections. Record and customize your voicemails for more personalized customer experience.

Post-call work

Stay in-charge and get follow-ups on the line before you clock out on your work shift at the end of the day.

Internal calls

No more switching devices. Make and receive calls from agents and other departments inside your Aloware account.

Business hours

Set up and customize office hours to let your customers know when you’re ready to receive calls.

Soft phone

Instantly set up your contact center anywhere: hardware-free and no need for downloads. Take calls from your browser, phone or any device.


Easy phone extensions for faster connections. Designate three-digit extension numbers on manual dial directed to different departments.

Call transcription

Smart tool that transcribes any recorded call, giving you time to review calls and analyze customer struggles

Pause recording

Ensure customer safety. We provide an option for agents to pause call recording for sensitive information and details.

Call hold

Multi-tasking capability that lets you hold an occurring conversation to start another one from a different line.

Spam call detection

Instantly detects bad calls for you. Also prevents robot dialers and spammers from reaching your business line.

Roll over to cellphone

Data connection not great? Aloware instantly switches calls from the app to your mobile phone in case you’re out of internet connection.


Two-Way SMS

Send and receive text messages to your customers using the app.

Pictures and GIFs

Get your messages across through photos and moving images or GIFs, all supported in the app.

Seamless Texting

Move texting to the next level with instant SMS exchange from any line registered in Aloware.


Shared Contacts

Import your existing data, or let the list populate as you take calls. Aloware shares your contacts with the team, acting like a mini CRM.

Cold Transfers

Got a confused caller? Help them reach the right person by transferring an answered call to a third party.

See Colleagues

Instantly see which of your colleagues are available to attend to a call for hassle-free warm or cold transfers.

Agent Coaching

Coach an agent on-call through speaking with them on another line, completely unheard by the other.

Call Assignment

Give agents the ability to work on their strengths. Assign the calls to the right agent according to skill and availability to attend to special calls.

Parallel Calls

Maximize time to accommodate all calls. We offer a tool that lets you hold an ongoing call and start or attend to another third-party call.

Warm Transfers

Customer wanting to talk to another agent? Introduce a third-party during an ongoing call, and warmly transfer the customer call from there.

Transfer To Queues

Inbound calls got misdirected? Easily transfer any call to the right team or department for better handling.

Shared Call Inbox

Give inbox access to everyone on the team. Our shared Inbox provides a quick view of all recorded calls, and calls in queue.

Pause recording

Provide safety and security for your customers. Pause call recording for sensitive information and details.

Tags & Notes

Tag calls for smooth follow-ups and take notes during a call to bring customer satisfaction up a notch.

Call Center

Multiple lines

With Aloware, you can instantly provision a local, international, or toll-free phone number for each of your departments.

Automated Call Distribution

Route your calls automatically to available agents according to skill, assignment, or availability without delays.

Shared Voicemail

Collaborate with your team through shared assets. Pre-record voicemails that can be shared and used by all members of the account.

Skill-based Routing

Match each agent’s skill to a customer’s concern. Route calls according to your agent’s specialty for better customer experience.

Round-robin Distribution

Give everyone equal chances to talk to the customer. Distribute and route calls equally across teams, one at a time.

Call Overflow Management

Manage all calls without compromising customer satisfaction. Send your calls to different ring groups or lines to keep all calls attended fast.

Caller Position

Keep customers informed of their caller position to avoid irate calls. You’ll have an option to announce caller positions to customers waiting in the queue.

Time-based Routing

A contact system that can adjust to your agents’ schedules. Route calls based on the time you set for each agent, or according to their work shifts.

Whisper To Agents

Give agents vital information about an incoming call through an automated call whisper before they answer.

Queue music

Never make a customer wait over lousy elevator music. Change the background music for calls in the queue to whichever fits your fancy.

Press 1 To Accept

Enjoy a click-to-accept easy action to get any call started. Have agents manually accept an incoming call by pressing 1.

Text Message Assignment

Push customer service from calls to SMS all in one place. Assign new text messages to the right agent for proper assistance.

Concurrency Limits

Your agents need time breathing time too. Set up the amount of preferred call/s that agents can handle at the same time.

Duplicate Call Prevention

Talking to the same agent again can be a handful for irate customers. With Aloware, prevent calls from connecting to the same agent repeatedly.

Ring Groups

Modify teams according to skill, purpose, or assignment so you can assign calls and messages properly.

Operating Hours

Allot operating hours for answering calls and let customers know by leaving automatic messages when offline.

Personalized Greeting

Add a human touch to your business tone by adding a personalized greeting before every call or text.

Preferred Agent

Strengthen agent-to-customer relationships and route specific calls to the agent who attended to the lead last.

Cascading Call Flows

Organize your call workflows. Set up your agents and departments into tiers for a smooth-flowing inbound call system.

Call Queues

Instantly manage all inbound calls. We offer tools for you to arrange calls in queues until an agent becomes available. 

Queue Callback

As soon as the caller position is announced, you can give customers on queue the option to either wait for their turn, or get a callback.

TCPA Compliance

All systems are approved by law and have passed Telephony Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations.

Caller ID selection

This smart tool gives you the option to choose for the best caller ID that fits, if local presence is not in use.

Handle By Text

An omnichannel tool that offers customers on the queue an added option to move calls to text when customers can’t wait any longer.

Max Queue Hold Time

Give agents enough time to prepare for every call. Set a maximum limit of callers in the queue to handle customer calls properly.


For businesses that are location-specific, Aloware lets you instantly route calls to agents or departments based on caller locations. 

Daily Call Limits

Another call management option that lets you limit calls by setting up a fixed number of calls that your team can handle on a daily basis.


Tags Everywhere

Simplify call management using tags. Have the option to tag calls according to your team’s function for proper follow-up distributions. 

Phone Number Capture

Eliminate manual data entry tasks. Automatically capture lead phone numbers for easy callbacks and follow-ups.


Never miss a beat and get notified for a new call, text, or any activity that needs attention, in your mobile or desktop device.

Desktop apps

One-time download and installation for a lifetime of awesome features. Get Aloware app working in its full capacity with its desktop app in place.

Missed Call Message

Never let a customer feel unimportant. Inform a lead once a call is missed through an automated text message.

Audio Recording Playbacks

Access recorded phone calls directly in the system. Put audio recordings on playback for easy assessment, review, and follow-throughs.

Click To Call

One of Aloware’s advanced CTI solutions that powers up an important call with just one click of a button.

Call Notes

Be more attentive to client calls, and jot down important notes directly in the system while on a call for everyone to see.

Mobile App

Get ready to have Aloware on-the-go and anywhere with you with a completely functional mobile app.

Post-call Work

Automatically start follow-up sequences from a summary of your attended calls for the day, before your shift ends.

Advanced User Roles

Assign different roles and functions to agents and teams so you can limit access or assign designated tasks to each.

Visual Queues

Boost agent productivity. Let agents see how many calls are waiting in the queue to keep track of the time they’ll be spending for each. 


Live Dashboard

See every call, text, and activity happening in real-time with a live dashboard accessible to everyone. Collaborate with different teams within the system.

Advanced Filtering

Filter calls according to dispositions and customized team functions. This helps you organize all calls for campaigns and follow-ups.

Custom Reporting

Customize your reports for more in-depth data. Enjoy a load of reports you can do with all the activities recorded in the app.

Agent Performance

Oversee and evaluate agent performance through important call and status reports. Check agent activity in real-time with live dashboards.

Drill-Down Reports

Get a more detailed reporting by drilling down analytics and data and coming up with your preferred reports.

Agent Wallboard

No need to ask what each agent is doing. Instantly see who agent status, activity and performance in a summarized dashboard.

Call Statistics

Assess call status and quotas with an advanced call statistics report to see if you’re hitting your goals.

Email Reports

Send performance reports and data analytics to people outside the app with an easy ‘send to email’ functionality.

Call Tracking

Gives a quick summary of the call information of leads and sources for easy tracking. Get the most out of leads with auto data gathering.

Talk Time Reports

See how much time is spent on each call to implement better strategies for your contact center team.


Lead API and Webhook

Customize webhook triggers on HTTP or JSON to send detailed call, text or contact info to an in-house application.

Email Capture

Start turning leads to deals by collecting email addresses for your marketing and sales campaigns.

2-Way Data Sync

Automatically syncs data with your current CRM, and instantly consolidates all data in one system. No need for manual updates. 

CRM Integrations

Stop switching tabs with our advanced CRM integrations that you can use with major CRMs in the market.

Form Capture

Get instant leads from forms. Triggers your leads to fill out a form so you can include their details in your CRM. 

Advanced CTI

Smartly engineered for seamless computer-to-telephone interaction. Experience advanced communication solutions that fit any device.


Get different platforms talking with our SMS API that allows you to reach customers through text directly from the app.

Helpdesk Integrations

Power up your customer support platforms with better integrations for stellar customer service and client-to-business relationships.

Other Integrations

Get a load of the best platforms that you can integrate with Aloware– major platforms for marketing, productivity, and CRM, all supported for your convenience.

Power Dialer

Calling Campaigns

Get leads fast with automated voicemails and  call follow ups, complete with email blasts and SMS broadcast triggers.

Context display

*Start turning leads to deals by collecting email addresses for your marketing and sales campaigns.

Wrap-up screen

*Automatically syncs data with your current CRM, without the need of manual updates.

Local caller ID

Save yourself the extra hassle and get your business an automated local caller ID, available across all US cities.

VM Library

*Power up your customer support platforms with better integrations for seamless customer service.

Fast progressive dialer

Bring automatic dialing up a notch and instantly call a lead as soon as the next agent becomes available.

Call scripts

Streamline conversation flows with call scripts for faster and more convenient sales calls and customer service.

Call dispositions

Assess calls and agent performance better with call dispositions automatically tagged after every call.

Voicemail Drop

Instantly drop bad calls and voicemails with your own pre-recorded voicemails to save time on leads that matter.

Sales and Marketing Automation

SMS Broadcast

Market products on channels customers prefer. Start text campaigns running and broadcast SMS straight from Aloware.


Automated workflows win the productivity game. Distribute calls and assign tasks to teams and departments inside Aloware.

Automatic calling

One click and dial all the numbers from your data list, all made possible by our advanced Power Dialer.

Contact triggers

Skip manual data entry and get contacts automatically added to your database by using triggers.

SMS drip campaign

Power up drip campaigns with automated SMS messages, and manage them all straight from your Aloware account.

RVM Drop

Pre-record your voicemail and try Aloware’ ringless voicemail drop to get instant leads calling you back.

Automated follow-ups

Stop doing follow-ups manually. Just tag calls and follow them up through voicemails or across different channels– SMS, emails and fax.

Call Triggers

Trigger calls in your database with Aloware’s advanced automated systems, making work easier for you.

Stop management

*Skip manual data entry and get contacts automatically added to your database by using triggers.

Contact Management

Mini CRM

With built-in features that you can function as your own mini CRM. Fit for small and starting businesses.

Engagement History

Rely on real, recorded data and see history of activities and customer-to-agent interactions for proper assessment.

Contact tags

Easily tag contacts for proper lead segmentation and assignment. This accurately match contacts to the right department or agent.


Schedule meetings and appointments straight in your own calendar inside Aloware and access it right from your dashboard.


See you and your team’s schedule for the entire year with a calendar accessible for everyone in the team.

Custom Fields

*See you and your team’s schedule for the entire year with a calendar accessible for everyone in the team.

Location Detection

For location-based operations, you can instantly detect an incoming call’s location so you and your agents can prepare before answering. 

Marketing attribution

*For location-based operations, you can instantly detect an incoming call’s location so you and your agents can prepare before answering. 

Lead segmentation

Segmentize leads for proper reconnection or remarketing campaigns. Match them with agents with the right expertise.

Multiple phone numbers

Register multiple phone numbers for your agents. Manage calls from different devices of your choice in one system.

Uncontacted leads

Rekindle relationships with uncontacted leads by using different channels. Aloware supports the best channels for customer contacts.

Customer Card

Get a hold of a customer’s brief info before answering a call. Make better pitches with knowing something about your customers.

DNC lists

Eliminate bad calls from your contact list. Set up your own DNC lists within the system, for the whole team to access

Lead dispositions

Identify SQLs and see which are worth your next shot. Get the whole team involved by tagging lead dispositions manually and automatically.


Get reminded of follow ups, appointments and other important messages with reminder and notifications from your Aloware calendar.

Screen Pop

*Get reminded of follow ups, appointments and other important messages with reminder and notifications from your Aloware calendar.

Engagement Tracking

Assess agent performance or troubleshoot a problem by tracking customer-to-agent interactions inside Aloware. 

Mobile vs Landline

*For location-based operations, you can instantly detect an incoming call’s location so you and your agents can prepare before answering. 

Lead sources

Instantly source sales leads across different channels by connecting with them straight from the app.

Custom imports

*Automatically build your list without logging them in. Everything that happens is recorded so you don’t have to.

List builder

Automatically build your list without logging them in. Everything that happens is recorded so you don’t have to.

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