Making sales a delightful process for all

At Aloware, we believe in the power of automation to bring bigger wins and wider smiles. Not just for businesses, but for agents and customers alike.

We, at Aloware, saw one thing that most contact center solutions are missing: the importance of building personal relationships. With the many ways we can communicate and the wealth of the data we can gather, many things in business are reduced to numbers.

We seek to humanize the demand around sales with automation that frees up time, so there is more opportunity to talk to customers and make genuine connections. We believe that businesses also win in trust and loyalty.

Aloware didn’t start out of a garage, as your typical silicon valley startup goes. We started in sunny Los Angeles, on top of Anoosh’s and Sohrab’s expertise as consultants in the contact center and cloud communication space.

Before Aloware, our founders were already helping companies embrace new communication channels to support customers. From migrating phone stacks to the cloud to automating common follow-up tasks, they have helped many businesses modernize.

A few beers might have been involved, and our founders thought of building a turnkey solution for more people to take advantage of. Instead of doing the same project over and over again as consultants, they felt that more businesses, big and small, can be leveraging automation to grow and improve customer experiences. Hence, in 2018, Aloware was born.

Born in 2018 in sunny
Los Angeles

35M communications powered in 2020

20 distributed members and growing

5-star reviews from hundreds of customers

Building relationships, one call at a time

Relationships take time to build. This is why we’ve built a contact center software that doesn’t only get the work done, but most importantly, takes the machine-like tasks off the sales team’s shoulders.

Aloware seeks to boost efficiency with automated workflows, so agents get their hours back for meaningful conversations. With our AI-powered systems, users have the visibility and capacity to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Turning your CRM into a sales machine

We take away the burden of learning and managing multiple tools for inside sales teams. Most businesses already have this neat system that stores leads and deals. What is missing is a solution to activate opportunities.

At Aloware, we build deep, reliable, native integrations with everyone’s favorite CRMs. Managers can leverage its data for sales operations, and agents get all the tools they need in one place to close more deals.

Take it from our happy customers

Our company grows with yours. Join thousands of happy customers who find Aloware ideal for their business.

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