Bring in more sales with Aloware for Zoho

Automatically sync data without the need for manual logs. Aloware inside Zoho CRM works like a charm in making sure you’re getting the most out of your calls. Know who’s calling with a pop-up right inside Zoho and easily navigate in a single click.

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Zoho Screen Pop-up

Receive notifications of incoming calls, and easily navigate contact details from your Zoho screen.

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Real-Time Sync

No data entry required. Automatically log-in calls, texts, and any activity as they happen in real-time.

Easy Management

Manage everything in one place. No need to change tabs – use Aloware's best features inside Zoho.

SMS Messaging

Boost sales with Aloware's SMS messaging the top most preferred customer engagement platform.


SMS, Data Sync and Phone Integrations - All the tools you can manage in one platform

Sync sales and marketing with automation

Sales and marketing automation should work hand-in-hand. With Aloware’s automation tools, you can double up your sales numbers inside Zoho. We give you the freedom to start with the best marketing techniques for your business.

  • Smart and fast Power Dialer
  • Automated dials for lead data
  • SMS drip campaigns
  • Auto call triggers from form
  • Call leads in less than a second
  • Ring multiple agents at a time

Contact center for every business

With a fast-paced business like yours, you’ll need a contact center to stay on top of customers. Power up with the best contact center that’s fully customizable, accessible, and remote-ready. Easily set it up on any device, no hardware required

  • Softphone and browser functionality
  • Work remotely or on-the-go
  • Real-time dashboard and reports
  • Syncs with Zoho’s CRM
  • Advanced IVRs
  • Coach agents and record calls

Keep in touch with your customers

The ever-changing business landscape develops more discerning customers. Your customers prefer different communication channels, and text messaging tops it all. Send follow-ups via text for your customer’s convenience, or fire up text campaigns, all MMS supported.

  • Text-enabled business line
  • Picture-messaging supported
  • Shared team inbox
  • Send broadcast through SMS
  • Follow-ups and surveys easily done
  • Automation triggers through keywords

Drive success with data

Analytics and data can drive your goals farther with lesser risks, See if you’re hitting your goals or check your team’s performance by tracking calls, texts and activities. With Aloware’s instant and real-time analytics, you’re always aware about everything.

  • Target contacts for ads
  • Instant number provisioning
  • Track form submissions
  • Real-time call reports
  • Record calls and activities
  • Performance-based routing

Your favorite Aloware tools now inside Zoho

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Instant access on notifications

Stop changing and checking multiple tabs. With Aloware inside Zoho, you'll instantly get notified for incoming calls.

automating sales process

Organize your teams better

Easily designate contact center tasks to agents and teams by using call filters and dispositions.

Customizable tags

Aloware offers a fully customizable platform that lets you assign teams or departments through tags.

No need for downloads

With no downloads involved, you can simply log into your Aloware account, and you're good to go.

Instant leads through forms

With Aloware inside Zoho, you can trigger users to fill up a form and instantly turn them into a lead, or better, a closed sale.

easy automated sales

Two-way Sync

Aloware connects seamlessly to your Zoho CRM. Data and all activities match both platforms simultaneously.

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